Can God Exist?

Lecture at Lehigh University
Saturday, March 15, 2014



IF GOD EXISTED, why would he allow… genocide, abuse, rape, shootings, terror attacks, hatred, poverty, racism, arson, theft, disease, war, suffering

IF GOD EXISTED, he wouldn’t have allowed the Sandy Hook school shooting or the 9-11 attacks to happen… there wouldn’t be children starving in Zimbabwe… he wouldn’t send people to hell. Have you ever had thoughts like these?  If you are Atheist, Christian, Agnostic or ANY other religion, we want you to bring your toughest questions!  Mark Spence will be providing logical reasoning and explanations for any questions you have about or against God and the Bible.  Free lecture; first 600 admitted.  Overflow seating available at Ebenezer Bible Fellowship Church via live webcast.


This event was hosted by Ebenezer Bible Fellowship Church.