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Aid for Ukraine

October 30, 2022 All day

The Bible Fellowship Church Board of Missions is working with one of our pastors in Romainia to collect funds to help with the Ukrainian refugee crisis. These funds will go to this pastor’s contacts with the Baptist Association in Ukraine to directly aid refugees. If you would like to contribute to this fund to help churches in and near Ukraine care for refugees, donations can be made online, or by mailing a check made payable to the BFC Board of Missions, memo “Ukraine Relief” (PO Box 3555, Allentown, PA 18034).

UPDATE 6/3/2022 – We are so grateful for all the donations that have come in! To date, we have received about $125,000! We are still accepting contributions and will continue to use it to aid the people of Ukraine.

UPDATE 5/20/2022 – Over the past two weeks we have forwarded over $25,000 to our partners in Romania to bring relief to the Ukrainian people.

UPDATE 4/29/2022 – Thanks to all who are giving so generously!  As of April 26, 2022, $100,489.26 has been given.  The vast majority of the money has gone toward the purchase and transportation of food, meds and other needed supplies (blankets, mattresses, items for personal hygiene), things that have been taken into Ukraine to distribution centers, and from there to reach those who are in need. Some of the funds went to help those who are dealing with the refugees inside Romania: a widow who has hosted over 100 refugees, a new kindergarten in Sibiu for 29 Ukrainian children, 2 Romanian language schools for adult Ukrainian refugees planning to stay long-term, independent housing in Sighisoara for 60 Ukrainian refugees, 300 drawstring bags that CEF filled and gave to children, a child placement center that houses 60 Ukrainian children & 11 adults. Most people who are being helped are very grateful, and they see the love of God demonstrated in meeting their daily needs. May the Lord bless you and keep you!

UPDATE 4/22/2022 – We are still accepting contributions and are looking forward to helping an educational center with 29 Ukrainian kindergartners. They have needs for staffing and will also be offering classes for adults.

UPDATE 4/15/2022 – Your generosity continues to amaze! As of April 14, you have given $96,176.01 to the Ukrainian Relief effort. All but about $1,200 has been transferred to our partners in Romania. There are many needs as a result of war. There are the basic physical needs of food, water and shelter. There are emotional needs of love and compassion. There are the long-term needs of creating independence in a foreign country. There are also the children whose lives have been overturned by this war. The security of their family and friends has been shattered. One of our partners has been working with Child Evangelism Fellowship that is seeking to meet this need. CEF is preparing 10,000 drawstring backpacks to distribute at events across Ukraine. Easter is celebrated next Sunday (April 24th) in Romania and Ukraine, and the events this week will tell children about a Savior who was beaten and killed and rose from the grave to save them. In a place where there is a desperate need for hope, these backpacks are filled with the message of our ultimate hope.

UPDATE 4/8/2022 – As of April 6, the BFC has transferred 100% of your contributions to be put to work supplying the overwhelming needs of the Ukrainian refugees. Fortunately that number didn’t last long, as contributions to the relief fund continue to be received every day. Thank you! As much as the basic needs for daily life are needed by the refugees, they also need new skills to be able to function in their new home for however long that might be. One of the organizations our partner in Romania is working with is providing language instruction. This will enable these people to begin to provide for themselves. We can’t imagine the heartache of being forced from our home into a country where we don’t speak the language in a matter of days. The trauma this war has caused is unfathomable. Thank you for your generous gifts and fervent prayers for the people of Ukraine. So long as there is a need we will continue to process donations and forward them as quickly as possible to our partners in Romania.

UPDATE 4/1/2022 – This has been a busy week on several fronts of the relief effort. Your care and generosity continues with now over $70,000 donated by over 230 individuals and churches. The funds are transferred as quickly as possible with 80% already being put to use purchasing food, clothing, and medicine. This week our partner visited some of the places where relief work is taking place. Here are some excerpts of his report”
“On Monday we traveled up north and visited the refugee center in Sighisoara. Here several homes were given to house refugees. These buildings needed repairs and painting and are now providing shelter for 60 refugees. All the work on the homes was done by volunteers. One group of six women and seven children are living in three bedrooms with mattresses on the floor. In addition to the work being done to provide food and shelter to those who are able to cross the border into Romania, relief is being sent directly into Ukraine. For example, a truck load of supplies was sent to Irpin which is near Kyiv, Ukraine. Finally, there is also work being done at an orphanage near the Romanian/Ukraine border by the Baptist Association. Not only are physical needs being met, but there is opportunity to preach the gospel to those fleeing into Romania. Church services are being held and refugees are attending.”
The needs continue to be great and your contributions help to relieve some of the hardship these families are enduring. Please continue to pray for them. Thank you for your sacrificial giving to this effort. 

Update 3/25/2022 – Your generosity continues to astound our partners in Romania. As of today, over $50,000 has been donated for Ukrainian Relief by you, the Bible Fellowship Church. We are processing and transferring your contributions as fast as we can. The Baptist Association has been helping over 1,000 refugees close to the Ukraine border. And just yesterday they issued a call for more volunteers to mobilize and fill a truckload of supplies to be transported to the border by Tuesday. Pro-Ucraina sent a truckload of supplies 2 hours’ drive away into Ukraine to care for dozens of refugees who need housing, food, and medical supplies. Our contact and partner, will be traveling to the border on Monday to get a closer look at the work being done. An unintended consequence of your generosity has been our ability here in Allentown to give testimony of the love of Christ. One of the banks we are working with to transfer funds has a Ukrainian woman working there. She has family in western Ukraine where she told us they go to bed every night wearing their clothes and have a packed suitcase beside their bed. When we began transferring funds for Ukrainian relief, she was brought to tears that people would be so generous to her countrymen. This has given us opportunity to talk with her about the love of Jesus. The need continues to grow as more and more people are fleeing for safety in Ukraine. We will continue to accept and process your contributions as long as there is a need.

Update 3/18/2022 – Thank you very much for all generous contributions we have received for the Ukrainian relief effort. As of yesterday we have received over $25,000. These monies are being transferred as quickly as possible to purchase food and supplies for Ukrainian refugees. In order to maximize our efforts we are now directing funds three different ways. We continue to work with the Baptist Association, but are also directing funds to Via ProUcraina which is part of the Elpis Foundation and is led by a number of pastors and other believers that our contact in Romania has a relationship with. We are also transferring some monies directly to our contact in Romania for him to disburse immediately as he sees opportunity.

Update 3/11/2022 – We are very grateful for the generosity shown so far. In just one week’s time we’ve received over $10,000 in donations! We will continue to receive donations as long the refugee crisis persists. And, we have already begun the process of transferring funds to Romania so that supplies can be purchased. This week our missionary in Romania wrote to say that there are people waiting at the border for eight hours or more in the cold without blankets or water. The ministries in Romania are bringing them the needed supplies that our contributions will help purchase. Please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine and the many Romanian workers needed to help them.

FAQ’s (posted 3/21/2022)

How do I give?

  • PayPal Link:  https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=22CLQD5XPHPL2
  • Via a Check made payable to:  BFC BOM, with “Ukraine Relief” on the memo line.  Please mail to:  BFC BOM, PO Box 3555, Allentown, PA  18106.
  • If you’d like to donate from an IRA, have your financial advisor contact our office.

Where is my donation going?

  • Baptist Association in Romania
  • Via ProUcraina
  • To our BOM contact in Romania for immediate disbursement as needed

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, the Bible Fellowship Church is a 501c3 organization and all gifts to Ukrainian Relief Fund are considered tax deductible.  You will receive a receipt from the Board of Missions for your gift.

Where can I get updates?

  • Follow the BFC Board of Missions Facebook page: CLICK HERE
  • Sign up for the BFC Board of Missions Friday Prayer emails:  CLICK HERE

How long will donations be accepted?

We will continue to receive and forward contributions to our contacts as long as there is a need.

Who can we contact with questions or for additional information?

The Board of Missions office staff can be reached at: 610-398-8776 or [email protected].

Are any trips being planned to go and help?

We are not encouraging anyone to travel over to this area.  The most effective way to care for the refugees is through the national volunteers already there.