Ebenezer Pastors: Josh Von Holt (Youth Pastor), Jeremy Harkins (Worship Pastor), Mike Notary (Pastor of Discipleship), Tim Gibson (Senior Pastor)

Congratulations are in order for two of our pastors, Mike Notary and Jeremy Harkins. They both have been preparing for months to take their oral exam before the Ministerial Candidating Committee for the purpose of ordination in the Bible Fellowship Church conference. This oral exam required memorizing the Articles of Faith and being able to defend and interact with the deep doctrinal truths found in them. We are excited to announce that, yesterday, both Mike and Jeremy passed this exam with unanimous approval from the committee. This now means that these men will undergo a one-year probation period during which the Ebenezer elders will observe and evaluate them. Once this is complete, our elders will then recommend Mike and Jeremy to the BFC for ordination. This is a big accomplishment in the life of a minister. I am certain that both Mike and Jeremy would agree with me in saying, “All Glory to God!” I’m thankful for these men and how the Lord has grown them over the last several years. May the Lord continue to sharpen them to be used for the glory of the Lord.