Sunday Adult Elective
September 2022 – April 2023

There is no other epistle in the New Testament that is more tightly packed with the fundamental doctrines of faith as the book of Romans. With its mantra’s “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ…” and ” the just shall live by faith”, Paul works through the subject of man’s universal predicament of sin and the law that makes it inescapable to the free gift of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Weather it be the nation of Israel or the individual, God’s success in accomplishing His eternal plans are not based on human effort or understanding, rather they are determined by His power and faithfulness! God gets all the glory as He grants His people the light and revelation of Jesus Christ and empowers us by His Spirit to live a life that is honoring to Him. This will be a two semester class taught by Scott Holwick in the gym – north.

Sept 25th – Session 1 –Notes; Class Recording

Oct 2nd – Session 2 – Notes Class Recording

Oct 9th – Session 3 (part 1) – Notes Class Recording

Oct 16th – Session 3 (part 2)- Notes (from Oct 9) Class Recording

Oct 23rd – Session 4 – Notes; Class Recording

Oct 30th – Session 5 – Notes; Class Recording

Nov 6th – Session 6 – Notes; Class Recording

Nov 13th – Session 7(part 1) – Notes; Class Recording

Nov 20th – Session 7(part 2) -Notes (from Nov 13th) *Special Note on some recordings – sometimes questions are asked and I “go silent” if you turn up the volume you can make out what is being asked) Class Recording

Nov 27th – Session 8(part 1) – Notes; Class Recording

Dec 4th – Session 8(part 2) & Session 9(part 1) – Notes; Class Recording

Dec 11th – Session 9(part 2) Notes are same as Dec4th; Class Recording

Dec 18th – Session 10 – Notes; Class Recording

Jan 8th – Session 11 – Notes; Class Recording

Jan 15th – Session 12 – Notes; Class Recording