Bible Fellowship ChurchOur Denomination
63 Churches in 7 States with One Vision”…an expanding fellowship of churches united to make disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Bethlehem Christian School – Ebenezer is one of two BCS campuses
Bethlehem Christian School is a non-denominational, Christian school that assists Christian parents in their responsibility of training their children. We do this by providing a complete educational program that is Biblically sound, Christ-centered and of excellent academic standards. Preschool through 8th grade is offered at four campuses within the Bethlehem, PA area.

Board of Missionsof the Bible Fellowship Church
The Bible Fellowship Church is committed to the work of world evangelization. 1:8 strategy. “Though everyone needs the gospel, not all have access.”

Church Extension MinistriesChurch Planting Ministry of the BFC
Beginning churches that grow to maturity. Planting the Lord’s churches in the Lord’s power – Matthew 16:18.

Victory Valley CampA Bible Fellowship Ministry
A summer camp and year-round retreat center for children and youth in Zionsville, PA. The mission of Victory Valley Camp is to interest and introduce individuals into the reality of a relationship with Jesus Christ and to encourage their growth through a Christian camp environment.

Pinebrook Bible Conference & Retreat CenterA Bible Fellowship Ministry
A year-round Christian retreat center located in East Stroudsburg, PA. Pinebrook is dedicated to excellence in the Christian Conference, Retreat and Camping experience. Continual upgrades to their programming and facilities while maintaining economical rates has made Pinebrook one of the most desired conference centers of its kind. Their accommodations suit the needs of a multitude of group make-ups including Families, Youth, Men, Women, Singles, Christian Schools, and a host of other possibilities.

Historical Societyof the Bible Fellowship Church
Committed to preserving the past in order that we might learn from it. Here we learn of our successes and failures, of high points and low points, of triumphs and tragedies. From the past we learn who we were and from that understand who we are and what we are becoming.

Christ-Centered Counseling Ministries – A Bible Fellowship Ministry
C-CCM is a biblical counseling ministry that proclaims Scripture is all-sufficient for real hope and real change when applied to life’s challenges.  They offer counseling services at their office in Palmyra, PA and at supporting churches.  They are also available to lead seminars, help churches develop lay counselors, and train train lay leaders in conflict coaching.

Fellowship CommunityA Residential Living Facility
Fellowship Community is located in Whitehall, PA and is operated by Bible Fellowship Church Homes, Inc. Christ-centered caring is their focus. They encourage spiritual growth while enhancing physical and emotional well being. They offer the following accommodations:
Independent Living at Fellowship Courts
Assisted Living at Fellowship Terrace
Skilled Nursing at Fellowship Manor