Youth Group

Tuesdays, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
For Grades 6-12
Meets in the Youth Room (Room 12/13)

A typical night includes a time of worship, teaching, breakout Growth Groups, and games in the gym. Please join us every Tuesday night at the church. The first Tuesday each month is set aside for individual Growth Groups to meet together for the entire evening. The locations of these activities will be made known to each group prior to Tuesday night. Please click the calendar for a more detailed schedule.

Youth Sunday School

Sundays, 10:05 – 11:00 am
For Grades 6-12
Meets in the Youth Room (Room 12/13)

The youth ministry of Ebenezer Bible Fellowship Church seeks to help students (grades 6-12) bring glory to God by being what He wants them to be and by doing what He wants them to do. We utilize a team of caring adults and college students who disciple students through small groups and other avenues both within and outside of regular youth activities.

Youth Ministry Calendar

Tuesday Teaching Series:

May 2021
JOHN’S LETTERS: Description & Lessons

When you consider The Apostle John’s 3 short letters recorded in Scripture it is evident that his heart is for the church and even individuals within the church. At a time when the truths of the Gospel are under attack, John writes in order to bring people back to truth. 1 John provides a reminder of John’s witness of Christ as well as Christ’s witness to the Father. 2 John provides a warning to the church to remain steadfast in truth. And finally, 3 John challenges a friend to continue walking in the likeness of Christ. These letters are necessary for our lives today. Through Christ’s Holy Spirit we are witnesses to Christ. Because we are witnesses we must consider Christ’s warning to be on guard while we continually walk in His ways.

Lesson 1 Summary: Bearing Witness (5/11/2021)

Lesson 2 Summary: Words of Warning (5/18/2021)

Spring 2021
IDENTITY: Description & Lessons

The Bible declares that we are created in the image of God. As followers of Christ our identity is secure in Him. Sadly, with the predominant message in our culture encouraging us to be true to yourself, follow your heart, and do whatever makes you happy, we may find ourselves confused and in identity crisis. This leads to asking the question, who am I? As elusive as the answer to this question might seem to be, there is one. I’m convinced that the majority of people in our society spend their entire lives trying to figure it out. At our core, we long to identify with something or someone. Society encourages us to be our own god and glorify ourselves with our physical image, the choices we make, our relationships, or accomplishments we achieve. As followers of Christ our true identity is in Him and in glorifying Him. The world continually encourages us to pursue our own desires in order to glorify ourselves, but Christ tells us to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Him. He is the only way to true life; He IS life. So, in order to understand who we truly are, we must first understand who He is.

Lesson 1 Summary: Identity Study Introduction (3/9/2021)

Lesson 2 Summary: Identity Study: Image Is Everything (3/16/21)

Lesson 3 Summary: Identity Study: Choices are Made (3/23/21)

Lesson 4 Summary: Identity Study: Who are We? (4/13/21)

Lesson 5 Summary: Identity Study: The Boasting of Fools (4/20/21)

Fall 2020
RUTH: Description & Lessons

The Book of Ruth is one of the greatest love stories recorded in Scripture. The Lord takes a foreigner from a wicked land and brings her to a place of restoration and healing in the land of God. Her life and her story are redeemed as the Lord provides a kinsmen redeemer to bring her into the very lineage of Christ. While this is a beautiful story of love and sacrifice it is simply reflective of a greater love story, an eternal love story. The Book of Ruth is ultimately intended to draw our attention to the eternal love story of our Savior.

Lesson 1 Summary: The Book of Ruth: A Downward Spiral (10/20/20)

Lesson 2 Summary: The Book of Ruth: The Journey Home (11/3/20)

Lesson 3 Summary: The Book of Ruth: Faith, Favor, and Faithfulness (11/17/20)

Lesson 4 Summary: What Will Happen Next? (12/1/20)

Lesson 5 Summary: A Tale of Two Men (1/20/21)

Lesson 6 Summary: Transformed By the Gospel (2/16/21)

Summer 2020

April & May 2020
Covid-19 Video Series, Round 2
Josh Gummo (6/4/2020)
Aubrey Yeager (5/20/2020)
Elizabeth Hutchinson (5/12/2020)
Clarisse Irampaye (5/11/2020)
Ben Holwick (5/4/2020)
Kyle Ebel (4/27/2020)
Swannie Griffin (5/26/2020
Salem Hatungimana (5/15/2020)
Eloge Kalubi (5/12/2020)
Kemi Adedoyin (5/11/2020)
Naomi Brimer (4/29/2020)
Intro by Pastor Mike Notary (4/24/2020)
Caleb Edmunds 5/20/2020
Bobby G. (5/15/2020)
Heather Hunsberger (5/12/2020)
Jonathan Wieand (5/4/2020)
Stephen Hard (4/28/2020)

March & April 2020
Covid-19 Video Series
BE STILL: Videos
Psalm 117 (4/15/2020)
Psalm 8 (4/3/2020)
Psalm 34 (3/27/2020)
Psalm 112 (3/22/2020)
Psalm 22 (4/8/2020)
Psalm 69 (3/31/2020)
Psalm 13 (3/25/2020)
Psalm 46 (3/18/2020)
Psalm 21 (4/5/2020)
Psalm 16 (3/29/2020)
Psalm 112 (3/22/2020)
Introduction (3/17/2020

Spring 2019 – Spring 2020
Unfortunately this series was shortened and remains incomplete due to the Covid-19 epidemic.
HEBREWS: Description & Lessons

The greatest temptation in all our lives is to remove Christ from His throne and insert ourselves.  Satan’s temptation in the Garden suggested that we “would be like God” and we’ve struggled ever since.  The author of Hebrews goes to great lengths to prove Christ’s superiority over all things while also challenging us to continue to keep Christ in His position as Lord of our Life.  As we engage the book of Hebrews we will be challenged to “place Christ upon the throne” of our lives.  We must surrender all that we hold in higher regard, humble ourselves of our pride and arrogance, and embrace Christ as Lord.

Lesson 1 Summary:  Jesus is Better Than…  (4/16/19)

Lesson 2 Summary:  Superior to Angels and All Things  (4/23/19)

Lesson 3 Summary:  Be Careful Little Ears What You Hear  (4/30/19)

Lesson 4 Summary:  Radical Transformation   (5/14/19)

Lesson 5 Summary:  The Servant and the Son  (5/21/19)

Lesson 6 Summary:  The Danger of Unrest  (9/3/19)

Lesson 7 Summary:  Running Toward Rest  (9/10/19)

Lesson 8 Summary:  Deciding to Commit  (9/17/19)

Lesson 9 Summary: A Priestly Calling and Coronation  (9/24/19)

Lesson 10 Summary: Milk or Meat  (10/8/19)

Lesson 11 Summary: The Fallen and the Faithful  (10/15/19)

Lesson 12 Summary: Faithful and Forever  (10/22/19)

Lesson 13 Summary: A Partial Picture (10/29/19)

Lesson 14 Summary: From a Partial Picture to a Perfect Picture (11/12/19)

Lesson 15 Summary: A Better/Superior Covenant (11/19/19)

Lesson 16 Summary: A Picture of Pre-Christ Worship (12/10/19)

Lesson 17 Summary: Is Anything Permanent? (1/21/20)

Lesson 18 Summary: When the Battle’s Been Won (1/28/20)

Lesson 19 Summary: When a Relationship Changes Everything (2/11/20)

Lesson 20 Summary: Deliberately Sinning or Dedicatedly Following? (3/10/20)

January 15 – March 19, 2019
JONAH: Description & Lessons

The story of Jonah is likely one familiar to many, both inside and outside of the church.  However, most often the focus is on Jonah’s fantastical deliverance through a “great fish”.  Much time has been spent debating the “scientific” validity of such an event, which, unfortunately, draws our attention away from a much more fantastic story about a loving and abundantly gracious God.  As we prepare to dive, pun intended, into the book of Jonah, my prayer is that God would open our eyes to the deep, I did it again, truths about God’s love and grace.  The story of Jonah is really a story about God.  The story of Jonah is a picture of a much greater story to come.  The story of Jonah is all about grace for the graceless.

Lesson 1 Summary:  A Prophet On the Run

Lesson 2 Summary:  Confirmed vs. Transformed Identity

Lesson 3 Summary:  A Prayer of Rescue or Repentance?

Lesson 4 Summary:  From Repentance to Revival

Lesson 5 Summary:  Undeserved Deliverance

Lesson 6 Summary:  The Picture and Personification of God