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Anti-Bullying Policy

Background Checks for Children’s Ministry Workers: Policy 
Background Check Instructions (pdf)
Background Check Form #1: PA Residency & Non-Disqualification (pdf)
Background Check Form #2: Mandated Reporter Acknowledgement (pdf)
Background Check Form #3: FBI Fingerprint Instructions (pdf)
Benevolence Intake Form (pdf)
Benevolence Policy (pdf)

Check Request Form – standard (doc) (pdf)
Check Request Form – multiple approvals (xlsx) (pdf)
Children’s Ministry Operating Guidelines: Policy (pdf)
Children’s Ministry: Incident Report Form (pdf)
Children’s Ministry: Nursery Diaper Changing Policy (pdf)
Children’s Ministry: Nursery Health Policy (pdf)
Communication Policy (pdf)
Communication Request Form (web form)

EBFC By-Laws (pdf)
EBFC Conflict of Interest Policy
EBFC Indemnification Policy (pdf)
EBFC What We Believe (pdf)
EBFC Whistle-Blower Policy (pdf)

Facility Usage Policy 
Facility Usage Request Form – Outside Ministry (pdf)
Facility Usage Request Form – Private Event (pdf)
Facility Usage Request Form – Wedding (pdf)
Facility Usage Form – Funeral Planning (pdf)
Facility: Liquid Spill Clean-up Policy (pdf)
Facility: Vomit Clean-up Policy (pdf)
Facility: Covid19 Cleaning Procedures (pdf)

Financial Policy, 2019 (pdf)
Finance: Check Request Form – standard (doc) (pdf)
Finance: Check Request Form – multiple approvals (xlsx) (pdf)
Finance: Fundraising Policy 
Finance: Transfer of Funds Request (doc) (pdf)

Gender Policy

Incident Report Form (pdf)
Injury Report Form (pdf)

Library Policy

Marriage Policy
Membership & Discipline: Care List Procedure for Delinquent Members
Membership Application (pdf) (web form)

Personnel Handbook
Personnel: Expense Reimbursement Policy (pdf)
Personnel: HRA Reimbursement Form (docx) (pdf)
Personnel: Injury Report Form (pdf)
Personnel: Mileage Report for Reimbursement (docx) (pdf)
Personnel: Timesheet (pdf)
Personnel: Vacation Request Form (docx) (pdf)
Personnel: Workers Comp Form (pdf)

Room Directory (pdf)

Security Policy (pdf)
Social Media Policy
Snow Days: Cancellation Guidelines
Song & Resource Selection Policy

Speaker Doctrinal Statement Form (pdf)

Technology Policy
Transportation Policy 
Transportation: Vehicle Request Form (web form)

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