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Date Series Title Scripture Speaker Audio Video PDFs
10-18-2020Acts: Empowered for the Mission - part 9Sharing the GospelActs 3:11-26Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-11-2020Stand-AloneBoots On The Ground Theology2 Peter 3Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-04-2020Acts: Empowered for the Mission - part 8A Miracle to Confirm the WordActs 3:1-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-27-2020Acts: Empowered for the Mission - part 7A Healthy ChurchActs 2:41-47Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-20-2020Acts: Empowered for the Mission - part 6The Church's First Sermon: Part 3 - Explaining SalvationActs 2:37-41Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-13-2020Acts: Empowered for the Mission - part 5The Church's First Sermon: Part 2 - Explaining the ResurrectionActs 2:22-36Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-06-2020Acts: Empowered for the Mission - part 4The Church's First Sermon: Part 1 - Explaining PentecostActs 2:14-24Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-30-2020Stand-AloneMoving OnPhilippians 3:1-21Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-23-2020Acts: Empowered for the Mission - part 3The Promise Given: The Birth of the ChurchActs 2:1-13Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-16-2020Acts: Empowered for the Mission - part 2Growing in the WaitingActs 1:12-26Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-09-2020Acts: Empowered for the Mission - part 1The Plan, The Power & The PromiseActs 1:1-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-02-2020Psalms: A Mighty Fortress is Our God - part 3Our Faithful GodPsalm 105Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-26-2020Psalms: A Mighty Fortress is Our God - part 2Our Protecting GodPsalm 91Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-19-2020Psalms: A Mighty Fortress is Our God - part 1Our Sufficient GodPsalm 46Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-12-2020Stand-AloneIn ChristColossians 2:6-10Mike NotaryAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-08-2020Mid-week ServiceA Call to Remember2 Timothy 2:8-13Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-05-2020Stand-AloneWhat’s in a Title?2 Corinthians 5:1-21Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-01-2020Mid-week ServiceTeaching Faithful Men2 Timothy 2:1-7Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-28-2020Romans 8: More Than Conquerors - part 10No Separation from the Love of ChristRomans 8:35-39Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-24-2020Mid-week ServiceLiving Courageously for the Gospel (Hall of Shame or Fame?)2 Timothy 1:15-2:1Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-21-2020Romans 8: More Than Conquerors - part 9God is For Us!Romans 8:31-34Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-17-2020Mid-week ServiceHoly Calling Action2 Timothy 1:6-14Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-14-2020Romans 8: More Than Conquerors - part 8The Purpose of God (The Golden Chain of Redemption)Romans 8:28c-30Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-10-2020Mid-week ServiceWhat Is the Gospel?2 Timothy 1:1-5Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-07-2020Romans 8: More Than Conquerors - part 7Together For GoodRomans 8:28Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-03-2020Mid-week ServiceWhen The Battle's Been WonHebrews 10:1-18Mike NotaryAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-31-2020Romans 8: More Than Conquerors - part 6Groaning to GloryRomans 8:17-27Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-27-2020Mid-week ServiceGod Is Our FortressPsalm 46Marcus BrunstetterAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-24-2020 Romans 8: More Than Conquerors - part 5We Are Sons of GodRomans 8:14-17Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-20-2020Mid-week ServiceThe Certainty of Our SaviorDaniel 3:8-30Mike NotaryAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-17-2020Romans 8: More Than Conquerors - part 4A New Way to LiveRomans 8:12-13Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-13-2020Mid-week ServiceYou Have Been Raised with ChristColossians 3:1-4Laszlo Onody/PastorAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-10-2020Romans 8: More Than Conquerors - part 3The New You!Romans 8:9-13Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-06-2020Mid-week ServiceHabakkuk: Oh Lord How Long - part 3: What Is Our Legacy?Habakkuk 2:2-20Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-03-2020Romans 8: More Than Conquerors - part 2Two Kinds of PeopleRomans 8:5-9Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-29-2020Mid-week ServiceHabakkuk: Oh Lord How Long - part 2: How Shall We Then Live?Habakkuk 2:2-20Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-26-2020Romans 8: More Than Conquerors - part 1The Blessings of New LifeRomans 8:1-4Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-22-2020Mid-week ServiceHabakkuk: Oh Lord How Long - part 1: God, Where Are You?Habakkuk 1:1 - 2:1Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-19-2020Stand-AlonePrioritizing Relationships: Faith in FellowshipRomans 16:1-23Mike NotaryAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-15-2020Mid-week ServiceThe Church's Sacred Trust - Guardians of the Truth1 Timothy 6:20-21Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-12-2020EasterThe Lord of AllActs 10:34-43Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-10-2020Good FridayThe Death of ChristRomans 5:6-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-08-2020Mid-week ServiceA Passion for Passion WeekvariousDick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-05-2020Palm SundayWelcoming the King of KingsMatthew 21:1-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-01-2020Mid-week ServiceTrusting in God NOT Riches1 Timothy 6:17-19Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-29-2020Stand-AlonePeace in a World of AnxietyMatthew 6:25-34Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-25-2020Mid-week ServiceWhy Strive for Godliness1 Timothy 6:13-16Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-22-2020John: That You May Believe pt. 79The Marks of Christ FollowersJohn 21:15-25Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-17-2020Mid-week ServiceHow to be Godly1 Timothy 6:11-14Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-15-2020MissionsDealing With Discouragement In Local MissionsActs 18:1-11Tim ZuckAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-08-2020MissionsA Clear CommissionActs 22:12-21Jason FilbertAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-01-2020John: That You May Believe pt. 78Serving Christ in the WorldJohn 21:1-14Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-23-2020John: That You May Believe pt. 77The Believable ChristJohn 20:24-31Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-16-2020John: That You May Believe pt. 76The Resurrection of Jesus: part 3 - The Appearance to the DisciplesJohn 20:19-29Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-09-2020John: That You May Believe pt. 75The Resurrection of Jesus: part 2 - The First EyewitnessJohn 20:11-18Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-02-2020John: That You May Believe pt. 74The Resurrection of Jesus: part 1 - The Empty TombJohn 20:1-10Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-26-2020John: That You May Believe pt. 73The Death & Burial of JesusJohn 19:31-42Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-19-2020Stand-AloneThe Revelation of GodPsalm 19Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-12-2020John: That You May Believe pt. 72The Crucifixion of Christ (Lessons About Our LIfe & Salvation)John 19:16-30Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-05-2020John: That You May Believe pt. 71Friend of Caesar or Christ?John 18:38 - 19:15Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-29-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 70The King of the Jews & King of Heaven!John 18:28-40Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-24-2019ChristmasThe Wonder of Christmas: part 3 - The Mystery of God's PlanGalatians 4:4-5Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-22-2019ChristmasThe Wonder of Christmas: part 2 - The Birth of a SaviorLuke 2:1-20, 2 Corinthians 8:9Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-15-2019ChristmasThe Wonder of Christmas: part 1 - The Miraculous Virgin BirthMathew 1:18-25Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-08-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 69The Trial & Denial of JesusJohn 18:12-24Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-01-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 68Lord At Thy DeathJohn 18:1-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-24-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 67The Real Lord's Prayer: Part 3 - Jesus Prays for the ChurchJohn 17:20-26Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-17-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 66The Real Lord's Prayer: Part 2 - Jesus Prays for His DisciplesJohn 17:6-19Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-10-2019Faithful 2019 - part 7Live in Holiness (Living The Christian Life)Romans 12:1-2Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-03-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 65The Real Lord's Prayer: Part 1 - Jesus Prays for HimselfJohn 17:1-5Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-27-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 64Overcoming the WorldJohn 16:25-33Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-20-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 63The Outcome of the Resurrection: Irrevocable JoyJohn 16:16-24Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-13-2019Stand-AloneThe Supreme Way of Love1 Corinthians 13:1-13Mike NotaryAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-06-2019Faithful 2019 - part 6Serve With Joy1 Corinthians 12Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-29-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 62Living a Life of MissionJohn 15:26-16:15Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-22-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 61Hated by the WorldJohn 15:18-27Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-15-2019Stand-AloneThe Church: The Mystery & Plan of GodEphesians 2:19-22Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-08-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 60Friends of JesusJohn 15:12-17Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-01-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 59Abiding in Christ-part 2 - The Key to Christian LivingJohn 15:4-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-25-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 58Abiding in Christ-part 1 - The True Vine & the BranchesJohn 15:1-8Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-18-2019Faithful 2019 - part 5Give Generously2 Corinthians 8:1-8Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-11-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 57Oh How He Loves You & Me!John14:15-31Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-04-2019Stand-AloneRadical TransformationHebrews 2:9-18Mike NotaryAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-28-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 56Greater Works than JesusJohn 14:12-14Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-21-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 55Comfort for Troubled HeartsJohn 14:1-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-14-2019What About the Church - part 2The Present Reality of the ChurchActs 2:42-47Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-07-2019What About the Church - part 1The Anatomy of The ChurchMatthew 16:13-20Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-30-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 54The Cross Changes EverythingJohn 13:31-38Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-23-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 53Journey Into the NightJohn 13:18-30Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-16-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 52The Love of Jesus & His Example (Father's Day: The Key to be a Great Father)John 13:1-17Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-09-2019Faithful 2019 - part 4Tell the Lost2 Corinthians 5:16-21Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-02-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 51Why Don't People Believe in Jesus - The Seriousness of UnbeliefJohn 12:36-50Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-26-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 50Christ Lifted UpJohn 12:27-36Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-19-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 49Good News for the Whole WorldJohn 12:17-26Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-12-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 48Extreme Reactions to ChristJohn 12:1-11, Matt. 26:6-13Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-05-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 47Understanding UnbeliefJohn 11:45-57Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-28-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 46The Power of JesusJohn 11:25-44Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-21-2019EasterGod Raised Him UpActs 2:22-41Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-19-2019Good FridayGod Put Forth His SonRomans 3:21-26Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-14-2019Palm SundayThe Passover Lamb Enters Jerusalem!John 12:12-19Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-07-2019Faithful 2019 - part 3Loving Others1 Thes. 4:9-10, 2:17-3:5Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-31-2019Stand-AloneSpiritual SyncretismJudges 17:1-13Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-24-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 45The Resurrection & The LifeJohn 11:17-27Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-17-2019Missions EmphasisThe Time is NowLuke 4:14-21Luke RaughleyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-10-2019Missions EmphasisFaith Promise Giving for Missions2 Corinthians 8 - 9Glenn FeltyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-03-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 44How NOT to Waste Your LifeJohn 11:7-16Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-24-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 43Understanding Suffering & the Love of GodJohn 11:1-6Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-17-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 42Reasons to BelieveJohn 10:30-42Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-10-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 41Understanding Eternal Security (Comfort for the Sheep)John 10:19-31Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-03-2019Faithful 2019 - part 2Growing in Devotion to God (Having a Heart after God)1 Samuel 13:13-14, cha. 16-17, Acts 13:22Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-27-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 40The Good ShepherdJohn 10:11-21Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-20-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 39The Parable of the Good Shepherd & His SheepJohn 10:1-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-13-2019John: That You May Believe pt. 38The Progress of FaithJohn 9:8-41Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-06-2019Faithful 2019 - part 12019: A Year of FaithfulnessMatthew 25:14-30Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-30-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 37Another Miracle: The Blind SeeJohn 9:1-12Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-24-2018Christmas EveJust As God PromisedIsaiah 7:14Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-23-2018Christmas GiftMan's Gift to GodMatthew 2:1-18Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-16-2018Christmas GiftGod's Gift to ManLuke 1:26-38Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-09-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 36Never See Death (A Christmas Promise)John 8:48-59Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-02-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 35Time to Get Firm: Who Is Your FatherJohn 8:33-47Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-25-2018ThanksgivingBasic ThanksgivingPsalm 95Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-18-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 34Grateful to be a True DiscipleJohn 8:31-38Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-11-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 33Avoiding the Worst Disaster Ever: Dying in Your SinJohn 8:21-30Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-04-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 32The Light of the WorldJohn 8:12-21Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-28-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 31Caught In The ActJohn 7:53 - 8:11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-21-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 30The Glorious Gospel InvitationJohn 7:37-52Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-14-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 29Seek the Lord While He May Be FoundJohn 7:25-36, 40-44Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-07-2018Stand-AloneA Reminder of God's SovereigntyPsalm 11David AllenAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-30-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 28Listen & Look Unto JesusJohn 7:14-24Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-23-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 27The Pathology of UnbeliefJohn 7:1-13Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-16-2018Stand-AloneHope for Bethlehem & BeyondRomans 5:1-2Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-09-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 26The Bread of Life - part 2John 6:47-59Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-02-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 25Understanding Election: The Certain Success of Jesus' MissionJohn 6:36-71Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-26-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 24The Bread of Life - part 1John 6:22-36Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-19-2018Stand-AloneA Widow RestoredLuke 7:11-17Mike NotaryAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-12-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 23Faith-Building StormsJohn 6:16-21, Matthew 14:22-33Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-05-2018Stand-AloneThe Love TestDeuteronomy 6:1-15Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-29-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 22Another Miraculous SignJohn 6:1-15Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-22-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 21Witnesses of JesusJohn 5:30-47Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-15-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 20The Powerful Voice of JesusJohn 5:25-29Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-08-2018Stand-AloneAre They ReadyPsalm 145Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-01-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 19The Claims of JesusJohn 5:17-24Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-24-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 18A Pivotal MiracleJohn 5:1-18Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-17-2018Father's Day: The Kind of Faith Every Good Dad NeedsGenuine Saving FaithJohn 4:43-54Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-10-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 16Becomming True WorshippersJohn 4:23-24Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-03-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 15Evangelizing Like Jesus - part 3John 4:27-42Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-27-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 14Evangelizing Like Jesus - part 2John 4:16-26Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-20-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 13Evangelizing Like Jesus - part 1John 4:1-15Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-13-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 12Letting Jesus Take First PlaceJohn 3:22-26Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-06-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 11The God Who LovesJohn 3:14-21Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-29-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 10Understanding The New BirthJohn 3:1-17Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-22-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 9The Danger of Insufficient FaithJohn 2:23 - 3:1Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-15-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 8The Passion and Promise of JesusJohn 2:12-25Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-08-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 7The Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry: Signs of GloryJohn 2:1-12Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-01-2018EasterChrist Is Risen!Matthew 28:1-15Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-30-2018Good FridayLoud Cries in the GardenHebrews 5:7, Luke 22:39-46, Matthew 26:36-46Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-25-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 6Discovering JesusJohn 1:35-51Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-18-2018MissionsGod's People ScatteredGenesis 9, 11; Acts 1, 8, 11David GundrumAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-11-2018MissionsGrace for the WorldTitus 2John EliasAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-04-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 5Understanding BaptismJohn 1:24-34Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-25-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 4Being a Witness for JesusJohn 1:19-42Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-18-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 3Who is Jesus & Why Should I Believe in HimJohn 1:14-18Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-11-2018Stand-AloneUnderstanding Unity1 Cor. 1:10-17Mike NotaryAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-04-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 2The True Light of the WorldJohn 1:6-13Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-28-2018John: That You May Believe pt. 1The Word of God in Ages PastJohn 1:1-5Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-21-2018God's Cure For A Sleepy Church - Part 2God's Cure For A Sleepy ChurchNehemiah 8:1-18Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-14-2018God's Cure for a Sleepy Church - Part 1God's Cure for a Sleepy ChurchNehemiah 1Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-07-2018Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence - part 16Three Coffins (Lessons for Dying in Faith)Genesis 49:29 - 50:26Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-31-2017Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence - part 15Determining Your Destiny (Learning from Ancient Prophecy)Genesis 49:1-28Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-24-2017Christmas Joy - part 2How Does Christmas Bring Us Joy?Luke 2:15-20Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-24-2017Christmas EveWhy Did Jesus Come?Hebrews 2:14-15Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-17-2017Christmas Joy - part 1Why Does Christmas Bring Us Joy?Luke 2:1-14Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-10-2017Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence - part 14An Old Faith for a New GenerationGenesis 47:29 - 48:22, Hebrews 11:21Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-03-2017Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence - part 13A Pilgrim's Progress - part 2Genesis 47:1-31Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-26-2017ThanksgivingFrustrated with ThanksgivingPhilippians 4:4-7Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-19-2017Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence - part 12A Pilgrim's ProgressGenesis 45:16 - 47:12Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-12-2017Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence - part 11When Life HappensGenesis 45:1-15Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-05-2017Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence - part 10The Ultimate TestGenesis 44Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-29-2017Reformation Series - part 5Soli Deo Gloria: To the Glory of God AloneRomans 11:33-36Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-22-2017Reformation Series - part 4Solus Christus: Saved by Christ AloneActs 4:12Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-15-2017Reformation Series - part 3Sola Gratia: Saved by God's Grace AloneEphesians 2:1-10Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-08-2017Reformation Series - part 2Sola Fide: Justification is by Faith AloneRomans 1:17, 3:21-31; James 2Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-01-2017Reformation Series - part 1Sola Scriptura: Scripture Alone is the Authority2 Timothy 3:16Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-24-2017Stand-AloneWhen Grace AppearedTitus 2:11-14Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-17-2017Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence - part 9Growing Up Into MaturityGenesis 43Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-10-2017Outdoor ServiceA Great Church1 Thessalonians 1Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-03-2017Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence - part 8Grace for the GuiltyGenesis 42Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-27-2017Stand-AloneThe Peculiar Tree!Luke 13:6-9Daniel IstrateAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-20-2017Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence - part 7Surviving Success: Being Ready When God Opens a DoorGenesis 41:33-57Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-13-2017Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence - part 6Peaceful in the DungeonGenesis 41:1-33Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-06-2017Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence - part 5Faithful in the DungeonGenesis 40Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-30-2017Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence - part 4Dedicated to God!Genesis 39Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-23-2017God, Who Do You Think You Are? - part 2God, Who Do You Think You Are?Colossians 1:15-23Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-16-2017God, Who Do You Think You Are? - part 1God, Who Do You Think You Are?Isaiah 45:5-7Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-09-2017Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence - part 3Triumphant Grace in a Corrupt FamilyGenesis 38Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-02-2017Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence - part 2Taking ResponsibilityGenesis 37Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-25-2017Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence - part 1Coming to Grips with God's ProvidenceGenesis 37Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-18-2017Walking With the Patriarchs - part 16Guarding Against Being a Passive FatherGenesis 28-35Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-11-2017Walking With the Patriarchs - part 15The Journey Back to BethelGenesis 35-36Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-04-2017Walking With the Patriarchs - part 14The Danger of Assimilating with the WorldGenesis 34Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-28-2017Walking With the Patriarchs - part 13Growing Cold in the ValleyGenesis 33Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-21-2017Walking With the Patriarchs - part 12The Crippling of the Self-SufficientGenesis 32:22-32Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-14-2017Mother's DayChoosing the BestLuke 10:38-42Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-07-2017Walking With the Patriarchs - part 11Driven By Faith & Not FearGenesis 32-33:3Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-30-2017Walking With the Patriarchs - part 10Progressing In Spiritual GrowthGenesis 31:17-55Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-23-2017Walking With the Patriarchs - part 9Handling the Blessings of GodGenesis 30:25-31:16Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-16-2017EasterThe Resurrection & Easter Gifts1 Corinthians 15:12-19Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-14-2017Good FridayThe Substitute & His SufferingIsaiah 53:1-12, John 19:28-37Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-09-2017Stand-AloneThe Servant & His MissionIsaiah 50:4-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-02-2017Stand-AloneTreasure Your TreasureMatthew 6:19-24Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-26-2017Walking With the Patriarchs - part 8Handling Disappointments in Our LivesGenesis 29:31-30:24Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-19-2017Walking With the Patriarchs - part 7Grace, Love & DisciplineGenesis 29:1-30Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-12-2017Missions EmphasisWe Were All Strangers OnceRuth 2:1-23David RiddellAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-05-2017Missions EmphasisA Missions AmbitionPhilippians 2:17-24Matthew ShackelfordAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-26-2017Walking With the Patriarchs - part 6A Life Changing Encounter with Almighty GodGenesis 28:6-22Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-19-2017Walking With the Patriarchs - part 5God's Faithfulness in a Messed Up FamilyGenesis 27-28:5Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-12-2017Walking With the Patriarchs - part 4Living Blessed & Fearlessly in this WorldGenesis 26:1-33Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-05-2017Walking With the Patriarchs - part 3How to Avoid the Worst Trade EverGenesis 25:27-34; Hebrews 12:15-17Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-29-2017Walking With the Patriarchs - part 2Prayer and Trusting God's Sovereign GraceGenesis 25:19-26Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-22-2017Walking With the Patriarchs - part 1God's Faithfulness to His ChildrenGenesis 25:1-18Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-15-2017Stand-AloneDisciples Making DisciplesMatthew 28:16-20Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-08-2017Stand-AloneMoving OnPhilippians 3:1-21Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-01-2017Growing In Grace - part 10Anticipating Christ's Return - part 32 Peter 3:15-18Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-25-2016Christmas: The Way to Joy - part 3The Way to JoyLuke 1:26-38Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-24-2016Christmas: The Way to Joy - part 2The Child of JoyMatthew 2:1-12Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-18-2016Christmas: The Way to Joy - part 1The Message of JoyLuke 2:1-20Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-11-2016Growing In Grace - part 9Anticipating Christ's Return - part 22 Peter 3:11-15aTim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-04-2016Growing In Grace - part 8Anticipating Christ's Return - part 12 Peter 3:9-14Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-27-2016Growing In Grace - part 7The Certainty of the Second Coming2 Peter 3:1-10Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-20-2016Stand-AloneThankful HeartPhilippians 1:3-8Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-13-2016Growing In Grace - part 6False Teachers Among You - part 22 Peter 2:10-22Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-06-2016Growing In Grace - part 5False Teachers Among You - part 12 Peter 2:1-3aTim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-30-2016Growing In Grace - part 4The Sure Word of God2 Peter 1:12-21Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-23-2016Stand-AloneSpeaking the Gospel to Ourselves2 Corinthians 5:16-21David RiddellAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-16-2016Growing In Grace - part 3Making Your Calling & Election Sure2 Peter 1:5-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-09-2016Growing In Grace - part 2Precious & Very Great Promises2 Peter 1:3-4Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-02-2016Growing In Grace - part 1The Real Deal2 Peter 1:1-2, 12, 3:17-18Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-25-2016Stand-AlonePlanting With PurposeJohn 10:22-30Jason FilbertAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-18-2016Until He Comes - part 2Faithfully ServingMatthew 25:14-30Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-11-2016Outdoor ServiceA Church with a Big GodRevelation 3:7-13Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-04-2016Until He Comes - part 1Ready & WatchingMatthew 25:1-13Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-28-2016Standing Firm Pt. 32Becoming a Congregation Like Jesus – Part 6 "Worship, Faithfulness & Love"1 Peter 5:11-14Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-21-2016Standing Firm Pt. 31Becoming a Congregation Like Jesus – Part 5 "Fortitude & Hope"1 Peter 5:9-10Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-14-2016Standing Firm Pt. 30Becoming a Congregation Like Jesus – Part 4 "Vigilance"1 Peter 5:8b-9aTim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-07-2016Standing Firm Pt. 29Becoming a Congregation Like Jesus – Part 3 "Self Control"1 Peter 5:8Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-31-2016Standing Firm Pt. 28Becoming a Congregation Like Jesus – Part 2 "Trust"1 Peter 5:7Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-24-2016Standing Firm Pt. 27Becoming a Congregation Like Jesus – Part 1 Submission & Humility1 Peter 5:5-6Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-17-2016Stand-AloneRace, the Gospel, & the ChurchEphesians 2:11-22Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-10-2016Social Holiness - Part 2Holiness - Love ≠ HolinessLuke 10:25-37Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-03-2016Social Holiness - Part 1Setting The StandardLeviticus 19:1-18Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-26-2016Standing Firm Pt. 26Shepherding the Flock of God1 Peter 5:1-4Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-19-2016Father's DayFather ShepherdsEphesians 6:4, 1 Timothy 3:4Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-12-2016Standing Firm Pt. 25Rejoicing in Suffering1 Peter 4:12-19Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-05-2016Standing Firm Pt. 24How To Live in End Time Stresses1 Peter 4:7-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-29-2016Standing Firm Pt. 23Arming Ourselves for Unjust Suffering1 Peter 4:1-6Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-22-2016Standing Firm Pt. 22The Triumph of Christ's Suffering1 Peter 3:18-22Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-15-2016Standing Firm Pt. 21How To Stand in a Hostile World1 Peter 3:13-17Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-06-2016Mother's DayStriving To Be A ModelmiscTim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-01-2016Standing Firm Pt. 20Loving Life & Seeing Good Days1 Peter 3:8-12Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-24-2016Real Hope for Real Life - part 3Created For PraisePsalm 148Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-17-2016Real Hope for Real Life - part 2What is Real Life, and How do we Get it?Psalm 147Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-10-2016Real Hope for Real Life - part 1Where Is Your Hope?Psalm 146Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-03-2016Standing Firm Pt. 19How To Win Your Unbelieving Spouse - Part 2 - Husbands1 Peter 3:1-7Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-27-2016EasterResurrection HopeRomans 8:31-35. Luke 24:1-12Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-25-2016Good FridayDon't Weep For MeLuke 23:27-31Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-20-2016Palm SundayPalm Sunday TearsLuke 19:28-44Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-13-2016Standing Firm Pt. 18How To Win Your Unbelieving Spouse - Part 1 - Wives1 Peter 3:1-7Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-06-2016MissionsInside Out - Finding Our Place in God's MissionLuke 15:1-10Duane MoyerAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-28-2016MissionsTo Seek & to Save the LostLuke 15:1-10; 19:1-10Mark FodaleAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-21-2016Standing Firm Pt. 17Our Suffering Servant Jesus1 Peter 2:21-25Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-14-2016Standing Firm Pt. 16Silencing & Winning Harsh Employers1 Peter 2:18-23Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-07-2016Standing Firm Pt. 15Silencing & Winning Civil Authorities1 Peter 2:13-17Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-31-2016Standing Firm Pt. 14Believing, Belonging, Behaving - part 31 Peter 2:11-12Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-17-2016Sanctity of Human LifeSanctity of Human Life - Made for Covenant & CommunionJeremiah 1:1-10Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-10-2016Standing Firm Pt. 13Believing, Belonging, Behaving - part 21 Peter 2:9-10Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-03-2016New YearsFulfilling Our Purpose in 2016John 14:21-24, Romans 12:1-2, 1 Timothy 3:15, Ephesians 4:11-14, 1 Peter 2:9, 2 Corinthians 5:18-21, 1 Thess 1:8Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-27-2015ChristmasWhat Now?2 Corinthians 5:11-21Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-24-2015Christmas EveChristmas LightIsaiah 9:1-7Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-20-2015ChristmasChristmas: God's Fix For The WorldLuke 1-2, Matthew 1, Revelation 19-21Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-13-2015Standing Firm Pt. 12Believing, Belonging, and Behaving - part 11 Peter 2:4-8Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-06-2015Standing Firm Pt. 11Hungering for the Word1 Peter 2:2-3Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-29-2015Standing Firm Pt. 10Loving One Another Supremely1 Peter 1:22-25Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-22-2015Standing Firm Pt. 9Thankful for Our Great Redemption1 Peter 1:18-21Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-15-2015Standing Firm Pt. 8A Holy & Healthy Fear of God1 Peter 1:17Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-08-2015Standing Firm Pt. 7Hope, Holiness and Honor1 Peter 1:13-17Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-01-2015Standing Firm Pt. 6Concerning This Salvation1 Peter 1:10-12Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-25-2015Standing Firm Pt. 5Restoring the Joy of My Salvation1 Peter 1:4-9Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-18-2015Standing Firm Pt. 4Joy Through the Fire 1 Peter 1:6-7Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-11-2015Standing Firm Pt. 3A Living Hope 1 Peter 1:3-5Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-04-2015Standing Firm Pt. 2Blessed Be God 1 Peter 1:3-6Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-27-2015Standing Firm Pt. 1Living Above Your Circumstances 1 Peter 1:1-2Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-20-2015Ephesians "The Church"We are the ChurchEphesiansTim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-13-2015A Journey of FaithFaith, Prayer, & Providence - A Journey of Faith (Part 16)Genesis 24:1-67Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-06-2015A Journey of Faith Having Faith in the Midst of Death (Part 15)Genesis 23:1-20Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-30-2015A Journey of FaithThe Ultimate Test of Faith (Part 14)Genesis 22:1-24Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-23-2015A Journey of FaithPeacefully Sojourning in a Foreign Land (Part 13)Genesis 21:22-34Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-16-2015A Journey of FaithThe Joy & Pain of a Life of Faith (Part 12)Genesis 21:1-21Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-09-2015A Journey of FaithThe Same Old Sins & the Same Faithful God (Part 11)Genesis 20Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-02-2015Living Authentic in an Anti-Christian CultureWhile We Wait - Living Authentic in an Anti-Christian Culture (Part 2)Matthew 25Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-26-2015Living Authentic in an Anti-Christian Culture The Prediction of an Anti-Christian Culture - Living Authentic in an Anti-Christian Culture (Part 1)Mathew 24:1-14Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-19-2015A Journey of FaithHomosexuality & the Church - A Journey of Faith (Part 10)Genesis 19:1-38Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-12-2015A Journey of FaithSin and the Cities - A Journey of Faith (Part 9)Genesis 19:1-38Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-05-2015How Shall We Walk ?Carry On To CompletionHebrews 12:1-2Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-28-2015How Shall We Walk ? Walking in Newness of LifeRomans 6:1-14Tim ZuckAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-21-2015A Journey of FaithHow Faith Prays - A Journey of Faith (Part 8)Genesis 18:16-33Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-14-2015A Journey of Faith Because God is Bigger than Every Obstical! - A Journey of Faith (Part 7)Genesis 18:1-15Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-07-2015A Journey of Faith When Faith Needs Reassurance! - A Journey of Faith (Part 6)Genesis 17Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-31-2015A Journey of FaithWhen Faith Fails to Wait on God! - A Journey of Faith (Part 5)Genesis 16:1-16Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-24-2015A Journey of FaithThe Strength of Faith: God's Character & Covenant - A Journey of Faith (Part 4)Genesis 15:1-15Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-17-2015A Journey of FaithFaith & the Fallen - A Journey of Faith (Part 3)Genesis 14:1-16Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-10-2015Mother's DayThe Glory of Motherhood: Every Woman's Chance to Overturn the Curse1 Timothy 2:9-15Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-03-2015A Journey of FaithThe Choices of Faith - A Journey of Faith (Part 2)Genesis 13:5-18Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-26-2015A Journey of FaithThe Journey of Faith Begins - A Journey of Faith (Part 1)Genesis 11:27-13:4Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-19-2015Genesis: Answers for LifeWhy are there so many nations and languages? - Genesis: Answers for Life (Part 11)Genesis 10-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-12-2015 Genesis: Answers for LifeGuess What Survived the Flood? - Genesis: Answers for Life (Part 10)Genesis 9:18-28Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-05-2015EasterIt's Not Over! It's Just the BeginningJohn 20:19-23Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-29-2015Palm SundayHosannaMatthew 21:1-11Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-22-2015Genesis: Answers for LifeHow shall the nations live on the earth? - Genesis: Answers for Life (Part 9)Genesis 9:1-17Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-15-2015MissionsThe Power of the GospelActs 11:19-26David GundrumAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-08-2015MissionsProclaiming the Goodness of God 1 Peter 2:4-10Don KuntzmanAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-01-2015Stand-AloneDealing with Sinning Christians- An Overview of Church Discipline1 Corinthians 5Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-22-2015Genesis: Answers for LifeHow do sinners find God's mercy instead of wrath? - Genesis: Answers for Life (Part 8)Genesis 6:8-22Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-15-2015Genesis: Answers for LifeHow do you walk with God in a dying wicked world? - Genesis: Answers for Life (Part 7)Genesis 5:1-32Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-08-2015Genesis: Answers for LifeHow Can Sinful Man Approach a Holy God? - Genesis: Answers for Life (Part 6)Genesis 4:1-26Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-01-2015Genesis: Answers for LifeWhat is sin and why is it in the world? -Part 2 - Genesis: Answers for Life (Part 5)Genesis 3:14-24Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-25-2015Genesis: Answers for LifeWhat is sin and why is it in the world? - Part 1 - Genesis: Answers for Life (Part 4)Genesis 3:1-13Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-18-2015Genesis: Answers for LifeWhat's God's design for society & how do we relate? - Genesis: Answers for Life (Part 3)Genesis 2:15-25Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-11-2015Genesis: Answers for LifeWho Are We and What is the Purpose of Our Existence? - Genesis: Answers for Life (Part 2)Genesis 2:4-25Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-04-2015Genesis: Answers for LifeWhere Has Everything Come From? - Genesis: Answers for Life (Part 1)Genesis 1:1-3Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-28-2014Stand-AloneThe Great Equalizer Ephesians 2:11-22Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-24-2014Angels We Have Heard on HighGlory to GOD! - Angels We Have Heard on High (Part 3)Luke 2:13-20Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-21-2014Angels We Have Heard on HighA Savior is Born - Angels We Have Heard on High (Part 2) Luke 2:8-20Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-14-2014Angels We Have Heard on HighA Child is Born - Angels We Have Heard on High (Part 1)Luke 1:26-38Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-07-2014Living the Good LifeHow to Live the Joyful Life - Living the Good Life (Part 5)Psalm 42Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-30-2014Living the Good LifeHow to Live the Good Life - Living the Good Life (Part 4)Psalm 49Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-23-2014Living The Good LifeHow to Live a Grateful Life - Living The Good Life (Part 3)Psalm 136Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-16-2014Living The Good LifeHow to Live a Fearless Life - Living The Good Life (Part 2)Psalm 27Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-09-2014Living The Good LifeHow to Live a Blessed Life - Living The Good Life (Part 1)Psalm 1Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-02-2014Finishing the RaceClosing Remarks: Summary Exhortations - Finishing the Race (Part 12)Hebrews 13:22-25Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-26-2014Finishing the RaceHoly Living: In Relation to God, Part 3: Prayer, Peace & the Power of God - Finishing the Race (Part 11)Hebrews 13:18-21Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-20-2014Finishing the RaceHoly Living: In Relation to God, Part 2: Submission to Leaders - Finishing the Race (Part 10)Hebrews 13:17Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-12-2014Finishing the RaceHoly Living: In Relation to God, Part 1: Suffering, Singing, Sharing - Finishing the Race (Part 9)Hebrews 13:10-16Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-05-2014Finishing the RaceHoly Living: In Relation to Ourselves, Part 3: Steadfast in Faith - Finishing the Race (Part 8)Hebrews 13:7-9Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-28-2014Finishing the Race Holy Living: In Relation to Ourselves, Part 2 - Finishing the Race (Part 7)Hebrews 13:5-6Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-21-2014Finishing the RaceHoly Living: In Relation to Ourselves, Part 1 - Finishing the Race (Part 6)Hebrews 13:4Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-14-2014Finishing the RaceHoly Living: In Relation to Others - Finishing the Race (Part 5)Hebrews 12:28 - 13:1-3Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-07-2014Finishing the RaceMount Sinai vs. Mount Zion - Finishing the Race (Part 4)Hebrews 12:12-17Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-31-2014Finishing the RaceStrengthening Ourselves in God's Grace - Finishing the Race (Part 3)Hebrews 12:12-17Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-24-2014Finishing the Race The Discipline of God - Finishing the Race (Part 2)Hebrews 12:4-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-17-2014Finishing the RaceRun for Your Life - Finishing the Race (Part 1)Hebrews 12:1-3Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-10-2014Living by FaithCourageous Faith, Part 2 - Living by Faith (Part 7)Hebrews 11:32-40Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-03-2014 Living by FaithCourageous Faith - Living by Faith (Part 6)Hebrews 11:29-31Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-27-2014Stand-AloneWhen Grace AppearedTitus 2:11-14Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-20-2014Stand-AloneNever Stopping. Never Giving Up. Unbreaking. Always and Forever LovePsalm 107Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-13-2014Living by FaithFaith That Decides (Moses' Example of Life Choices) - Living by Faith (Part 5)Hebrews 11:23-28Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-06-2014 Living by FaithThe Faith That Defeats Death - Living by Faith (Part 4)Hebrews 11:20-22Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-29-2014Living by FaithNot Ashamed to be Called Their God (Abraham's Example of Trusting God's Promises) - Living by Faith (Part 3)Hebrews 11:8-19Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-22-2014Living by FaithFaith Really Does Change How We Live! - Living by Faith (Part 2)Hebrews 11:7Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-15-2014Father's DaySpirit-Filled FathersEphesians 5:18 - 6:4Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-08-2014Living by FaithLiving by Faith - Living by Faith (Part 1)Hebrews 11:1-6Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-01-2014The Superior Ministry of JesusHow to Endure with Faith in Jesus to the End (Avoiding Apostasy) - The Superior Ministry of Jesus (Part 12)Hebrews 10:32-39Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-25-2014The Superior Ministry of JesusFalling Into the Hands of the Living God (The Dreadful Doom of the Apostate) - The Superior Ministry of Jesus (Part 11)Hebrews 10:26-31Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-18-2014The Superior Ministry of JesusOur Response to the Glorious Gospel - The Superior Ministry of Jesus (Part 10)Hebrews 10:19-25Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-11-2014Mother's DayHannah: A Model Mother1 Samuel 1-2Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-04-2014The Superior Ministry of JesusIt is Finished - The Superior Ministry of Jesus (Part 9)Hebrews 10:1-18Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-27-2014The Superior Ministry of JesusThe Superiority & Sufficiency of Christ's Sacrifice - The Superior Ministry of Jesus (Part 8)Hebrews 9:23-28Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-20-2014EasterExperience Hope This EasterJohn 20Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-18-2014Good FridayDon't Be Troubled: I'm Going to the FatherJohn 14, 16, 20Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-13-2014Palm SundayWho Is This Man?Matthew 21:1-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-06-2014The Superior Ministry of JesusOh the Blood of Jesus - The Superior Ministry of Jesus (Part 7)Hebrews 9:15-22Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-30-2014The Superior Ministry of JesusCleansing Our Conscience - The Superior Ministry of Jesus (Part 6)Hebrews 9:1-14Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-23-2014The Superior Ministry of JesusThe Superiority of the New Covenant - The Superior Ministry of Jesus (Part 5)Hebrews 8:6-13Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-16-2014Carrying the Great LightThe Person God UsesEphesians 6:19-20Mark SpenceAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-15-2014Carrying the Great LightCan God Exist?Mark SpenceAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-15-2014Carrying the Great LightCreative Ways to Share Your FaithMark SpenceAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-15-2014 Carrying the Great LightCracked Pots and Crackpots!Matt ShackelfordAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-14-2014Carrying the Great LightNo More ExcusesExodus 4Mark SpenceAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-12-2014Carrying the Great LightBaja Peninsula Missions Art ReyesAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-09-2014Carrying the Great LightGod's Grace God's WayJonah 1:2Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-02-2014The Superior Ministry of JesusA More Excellent Ministry - The Superior Ministry of Jesus (Part 4)Hebrews 8:1-6Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-23-2014The Superior Ministry of JesusJesus, Our Superior Priest, Pt. 2 - The Superior Ministry of Jesus (Part 3)Hebrews 7:20-28Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-16-2014The Superior Ministry of JesusJesus, Our Superior Priest, Pt. 1 - The Superior Ministry of Jesus (Part 2)Hebrews 7:11-19Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-09-2014The Superior Ministry of JesusA High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek - The Superior Ministry of Jesus (Part 1)Hebrews 7:1-10Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-02-2014Moving On to MaturityHolding On By Strengthening Our Hope - Moving On to Maturity (Part 5)Hebrews 6:13-20Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-26-2014Moving On to MaturityBetter Things for the Beloved - Moving On to Maturity (Part 4)Hebrews 6:9-12Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-19-2014Moving On to MaturityBeware of Apostasy, Pt. 2 - Moving On to Maturity (Part 3)Hebrews 6:4-8Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-12-2014Moving On to MaturityBeware of Apostasy, Pt. 1 - Moving On to Maturity (Part 2)Hebrews 6:4-8Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-05-2014Moving On to MaturityOvercoming Spiritual Regression - Moving On to Maturity (Part 1)Hebrews 5:11 - 6:3Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-29-2013Good News of Great JoyHumble New Year - Good News of Great Joy (Part 4)Galatians 4:13-17Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-24-2013Good News of Great JoyThe Time for Joy - Good News of Great Joy (Part 3)Galatians 4:1-7Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-23-2013Good News of Great JoyThe Bethlehem Prophecy - Good News of Great Joy (Part 2)Micah 5:2Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-15-2013Good News of Great JoyReal Joy! Really! - Good News of Great Joy (Part 1)Luke 2:1-20Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-08-2013Holding on to JesusThe Ideal High Priest - Holding on to Jesus (Part 6)Hebrews 4:14-16Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-01-2013Holding on to JesusOur Great High Priest - Holding on to Jesus (Part 5)Hebrews 4:14-16Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-27-2013Thanksgiving EveLiving the DoxologyTim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-24-2013ThanksgivingThankful for Ebenezer BFC (I Thessalonians 5:12-18)I Thessalonians 5:12-18Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-17-2013Holding on to JesusThe Powerful Word of God - Holding on to Jesus (Part 4)Hebrews 4:12-13Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-10-2013Holding on to JesusEntering God's Ultimate Rest - Holding on to Jesus (Part 3)Hebrews 4:1-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-03-2013Holding on to JesusPersevering to the End: Encouraging & Watching Out for One Another - Holding on to Jesus (Part 2)Hebrews 3:12-19Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-27-2013Holding on to JesusPersevering to the End: Guarding Our Hearts - Holding on to Jesus (Part 1)Hebrews 3:7-19Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-20-2013What's the Big Deal... about this Jesus?Persevering to the End - What's the Big Deal... about this Jesus? (Part 7)Hebrews 3:1-6Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-13-2013What's the Big Deal... about this Jesus?Unashamed of Our Perfect Savior - What's the Big Deal... about this Jesus? (Part 6)Hebrews 2:9-18Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-06-2013What's the Big Deal... about this Jesus?Let Us Not Neglect So Great a Salvation! - What's the Big Deal... about this Jesus? (Part 5)Hebrews 2:5-9Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-29-2013What's the Big Deal... about this Jesus?The Peril of Drifting from Christ - What's the Big Deal... about this Jesus? (Part 4)Hebrews 2:1-4Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-22-2013What's the Big Deal... about this Jesus?Christ is Better Than the Angels - What's the Big Deal... about this Jesus? (Part 3)Hebrews 1:4-14Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-16-2013What's the Big Deal... about this Jesus?The Supremacy of Christ - What's the Big Deal... about this Jesus? (Part 2)Hebrews 1:2b-3Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-08-2013What's the Big Deal... about this Jesus?God Has Spoken - What's the Big Deal... about this Jesus? (Part 1)Hebrews 1:1-2aTim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-01-2013Stand-AloneBecoming a God-Dependent Community of BelieversJames 5:13-18Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-25-2013Eternity is ForeverHell's Finest Message - Eternity is Forever (Part 2)Luke 16:19-31Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-18-2013Eternity is ForeverAre You One of God's Keepers? - Eternity is Forever (Part 1)Matthew 13:47-50Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-11-2013Evangelism Month: Do We Really Care?How Should We Proclaim the Gospel? - Evangelism Month: Do We Really Care? (Part 2)John 4:7-26Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-04-2013Evangelism Month: Do We Really Care?Why Should We Proclaim the Gospel? - Evangelism Month: Do We Really Care? (Part 1)Romans 10:1-15, 2 Corinthians 5:18-20Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-28-2013Blessed AssuranceThe Belief Test - Blessed Assurance (Part 6)1 John & 2 JohnJason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-21-2013Blessed AssuranceThe Allegiance Test - Blessed Assurance (Part 5)1 John & 2 JohnTim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-14-2013Blessed AssuranceThe Love Test - Blessed Assurance (Part 4)1 JohnTim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-07-2013Blessed AssuranceThe Obedience Test - Blessed Assurance (Part 3)1 John 2:4, 5:2-4Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-30-2013MissionsJesus' Blueprint for MissionActs 1:1-8Tim ZuckAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-23-2013Blessed AssuranceThe Holiness Test - Blessed Assurance (Part 2)1 John 1:5-2:2, 1 John 2:28-3:10Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-16-2013Stand-AloneThe Tender & Yet Firm Father Leader1 Thessalonians 2:7-12Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-09-2013Blessed AssuranceCan I Know that I’ve Been Born Again? - Blessed Assurance (Part 1)John 3:1-8Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-02-2013Blueprint for JoyThe Fellowship of the Saints - Blueprint for Joy (Part 31)Philippians 4:21-23Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-26-2013Blueprint for JoyFaithful Giving and Our Faithful God, Part 2 - Blueprint for Joy (Part 30)Philippians 4:17-20Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-19-2013Blueprint for JoyFaithful Giving and Our Faithful God, Part 1 - Blueprint for Joy (Part 29)Philippians 4:14-22Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-12-2013Mother's DayBecoming a Daughter of Sarah1 Peter 3:1-6Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-05-2013Blueprint for JoyThe Secret to Contentment - Blueprint for Joy (Part 28)Philippians 4:10-13Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-28-2013Blueprint for JoyStanding Firm in the Lord, Part 6 - Blueprint for Joy (Part 27)Philippians 4:8-9Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-21-2013Blueprint for JoyStanding Firm in the Lord, Part 5 - Blueprint for Joy (Part 26)Philippians 4:5-6aTim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-14-2013Blueprint for JoyStanding Firm in the Lord, Part 4 - Blueprint for Joy (Part 25)Philippians 4:5-6aTim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-07-2013Blueprint for JoyStanding Firm in the Lord, Part 3 - Blueprint for Joy (Part 24)Philippians 4:4Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-31-2013EasterBe Not Unbelieving, But BelievingJohn 20:1-28Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-29-2013Good FridayGood Friday: Grace for Sinners! Luke 23:32-43Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-24-2013Palm SundayThe Prince Of PeaceLuke 19:28-45Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-17-2013MissionsThe Mission Statement of JesusLuke 4:16-21Fred ClarkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-10-2013MissionsJeremiah - God's Man for the CityJeremiah 29:4-14Bert BakerAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-03-2013Blueprint for JoyStanding Firm in the Lord, Part 2 - Blueprint for Joy (Part 23)Philippians 4:2-4Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-24-2013Blueprint for JoyStanding Firm in the Lord,Part 1 - Blueprint for Joy (Part 22)Philippians 4:1Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-17-2013Blueprint for JoyLiving as Citizens of Heaven - Blueprint for Joy (Part 21)Philippians 3:17-21Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-10-2013Blueprint for JoyOur Greatest Ambition - Blueprint for Joy (Part 20)Philippians 3:10-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-03-2013Blueprint for JoyThe New Christian Life - Blueprint for Joy (Part 19)Philippians 3:4-9Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-27-2013Stand-AloneGod Please Help UsNehemiah 1 & 2Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-20-2013Stand-AloneWonder in the WombPsalm 139:13-15 & Luke 1:39-44Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-13-2013Blueprint for JoyMarks of True Christianity - Blueprint for Joy (Part 18)Philippians 3:1-3Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-06-2013Blueprint for JoyBecoming a Model Servant: Epaphroditus' Example - Blueprint for Joy (Part 17)Philippians 2:25-30Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-30-2012Christmas: More Than a HolidayThe Coming of a New Year: A Time to Commit! - More Than a Holiday (Part 4)Colossians 3:1-17Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-24-2012Christmas: More Than a HolidayThe Coming of God's Visitation: A Time to Believe! - More Than a Holiday (Part 3)Luke 1:67-80Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-23-2012Christmas: More Than a HolidayThe Coming of a Savior: A Time to Rejoice! - More Than a Holiday (Part 2)Luke 2:1-20Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-16-2012Christmas: More Than a HolidayThe Coming of a King: A Time to Worship! - More Than a Holiday (Part 1)Matthew 2:1-12Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-09-2012Blueprint for JoyBecoming a Model Servant: Timothy's Example - Blueprint for Joy (Part 16)Philippians 2:19-24Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-02-2012Blueprint for JoyBecoming a Model Servant: Paul's Example - Blueprint for Joy (Part 15)Philippians 2:17-18Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-27-2012Blueprint for JoyHow to Be a Shining Star - Blueprint for Joy (Part 14)Philippians 2:14-16Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-21-2012Thanksgiving EveGive Thanks in Everything1 Thessalonians 5:18Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-18-2012ThanksgivingExtravagant GratitudeJohn 12:1-8Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-12-2012Blueprint for JoyGod at Work in You - Blueprint for Joy (Part 13)Philippians 2:12-13Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-04-2012Blueprint for JoyThe Exaltation of Christ - Blueprint for Joy (Part 12)Philippians 2:9-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-28-2012Blueprint for JoySupreme Humility - Blueprint for Joy (Part 11)Philippians 2:5-8Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-21-2012Blueprint for JoyThe Joy of Spiritual Unity - Blueprint for Joy (Part 10)Philippians 2:1-4Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-14-2012Blueprint for JoyConduct Worthy of the Church - Blueprint for Joy (Part 9)Philippians 1:27-30Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-07-2012Blueprint for JoyWhile We Still Live: Our Focus for Living for Christ - Blueprint for Joy (Part 8)Philippians 1:22-26Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-30-2012Blueprint for JoyAble to Rejoice! - Blueprint for Joy (Part 7)Philippians 1:19-21Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-23-2012Blueprint for JoyJoy in the Greater Purpose: The Progress of the Gospel - Blueprint for Joy (Part 6)Philippians 1:12-20Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-16-2012Blueprint for JoyPraying for Spiritual Growth - Blueprint for Joy (Part 5)Philippians 1:9-11Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-09-2012Blueprint for JoyThe Storehouse of Joy, Part 3 - Philippians: A Blueprint for Joy (Part 4)Philippians 1:7-8Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-02-2012Blueprint for JoyThe Storehouse of Joy, Part 2 - Blueprint for Joy (Part 3)Philippians 1:6Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-26-2012Blueprint for JoyThe Storehouse of Joy, Part 1 - Blueprint for Joy (Part 2)Philippians 1:3-8Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-19-2012Blueprint for JoyBlueprint for Joy (Part 1)Philippians 1:1-2Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-12-2012Practicing the Presence of GodLiving as Though God Sees Everything - Practicing the Presence of God (Part 2)Psalm 139:7-12Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-05-2012Practicing the Presence of GodLiving as Though God Knows Everything - Practicing the Presence of God (Part 1)Psalm 139:1-6Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-29-2012Walking With JesusTrusting in Jesus - Walking With Jesus (Part 2)Matthew 14:22-36Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-22-2012Walking With JesusDepending on Jesus - Walking With Jesus (Part 1)Matthew 14:13-21Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-15-2012JonahThe Pouting Prophet - Jonah (Part 4) Jonah 4Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-08-2012JonahThe Preaching Prophet - Jonah (Part 3)Jonah 3Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-01-2012JonahThe Praying Prophet - Jonah (Part 2)Jonah 2Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-24-2012JonahThe Prodigal Prophet - Jonah (Part 1)Jonah 1Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-17-2012Four Pillars of a Strong ChurchPassionate about People: Outside the Church - Four Pillars of a Strong Church (Part 8)Matthew 28:18-20Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-10-2012Four Pillars of a Strong ChurchPassionate about People: Inside the Church - Four Pillars of a Strong Church (Part 7)Ephesians 3:20-4:16Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-03-2012Stand-AloneA Spirit-Led ChurchActs 13:1-3Tim GibsonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-27-2012Four Pillars of a Strong ChurchPassionate Proclamation: Be Careful How You Hear - Four Pillars of a Strong Church (Part 6)Luke 8:15Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-20-2012Four Pillars of a Strong ChurchPassionate Proclamation - Four Pillars of a Strong Church (Part 5)2 Timothy 3:16-4:4Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-13-2012Four Pillars of a Strong ChurchPassionate Praise to God - Four Pillars of a Strong Church (Part 4)John 4Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-06-2012Four Pillars of a Strong ChurchPassionate Praise to God - Four Pillars of a Strong Church (Part 3)Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-29-2012Four Pillars of a Strong ChurchPassionate Prayer to God - Four Pillars of a Strong Church (Part 2)Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-22-2012Compassion SundayChange the StoryMatthew 25:35Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-15-2012Four Pillars of a Strong ChurchPassionate Prayer to God - Four Pillars of a Strong Church (Part 1)Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-08-2012Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusHe Is Not Dead - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 42)Mark 16Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-01-2012Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusThe King is Sentenced - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 41)Mark 15:1-20Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-25-2012Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusOn Trial - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 40)Mark 14:53-72Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-18-2012MissionsHearing Jesus' CallJohn 17:15-19Tim ZuckAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-11-2012MissionsA Tale of Two MountainsVerseDana WellerAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-04-2012Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusMy Way or God's Way - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 39)Mark 14:32-52Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-27-2012Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusUntarnished Beauty - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 38)Mark 14:12-31Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-19-2012Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusLove Is Blind - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 37)Mark 14:1-11Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-12-2012Stand-AloneHow to Behave in Church1 Timothy 3:14-16Carl CasselAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-05-2012Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusWhat We Do While We Wait - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 36)Mark 13:1-13Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-29-2012Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusWhat Does God Want From Us? - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 35)Mark 12:28-44Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-22-2012Stand-AloneThere's Power in the Blood - Sanctity of Human Life SundayJason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-16-2012Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusNo Ordinary Teacher - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 34)Mark 12:13-27Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-08-2012Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusReligion That Rejects Heaven - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 33)Mark 11:27-12:12Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-01-2012Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusOur Response to King Jesus - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 32)Mark 11:12-26Carl CasselAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-25-2011ChristmasSimeon's Christmas GiftLuke 2:21-35Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-24-2011Christmas EveChristmas Brings Hope (Isaiah 9:2, 6-7)Isaiah 9:2, 6-7Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-18-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusThe King of Fools - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 31)Mark 10:46-11:11Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-11-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusLeading the Way - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 30)Mark 10:32-45Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-04-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusWhat Must I Do To Be Saved? - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 29)Mark 10:17-31Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-27-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusNot What God Intended - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 28) Mark 10:1-16Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-20-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusTrue Greatness - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 27) Mark 9:33-50Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-13-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusReal Faith in the Real World - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 26)Mark 9:14-32Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-06-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusThe Mountain of God and the Valley of Men - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 25)Mark 9:2-13Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-30-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusA Different Kind of Hero - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 24)Mark 8:31-9:1Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-23-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusWhat Do You See - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 23)Mark 8:22-30Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-16-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusThree Kinds of Bread - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 22)Mark 8:1-21Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-09-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusA Beggar's Faith - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 21)Mark 7:24-37Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-02-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusMan's Traditions vs. God's Commands - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 20)Mark 7:1-23Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-25-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusSpiritually Clueless - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 19) Mark 6:45-56Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-18-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus5,000 Reasons to Trust God - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 18)Mark 6:30-44Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-12-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusRated "R" Gospel - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 17)Mark 6:14-29Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-04-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusRejecting Heaven - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 16)Mark 6:1-13Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-21-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusThe Great Physician - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 15)Mark 5:21-43Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-14-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusWhen Pigs Fly - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 14) Mark 5:1-20Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-07-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusLarger Than Life - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 13)Mark 4:35-41Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-31-2011Stand-AloneDirection for the ChurchTitusJason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-24-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusA Parable Trilogy... - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 12)Mark 4:21-34Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-17-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusIt Takes All Kinds - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 11)Mark 4:1-20Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-10-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusMad Man On the Loose - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 10)Mark 3:20-35Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-05-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusExtraordinary to Ordinary - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 9)Mark 3:7-19Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-26-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusThe Lord(s) of the Sabbath - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 8) Mark 2:23-3:6Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-19-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusThe Healer of Sick Souls! - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 7)Mark 2:13-22Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-12-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusIncredible! - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 6)Mark 2:1-12Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-05-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusThe Fame of His Name - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 5) Mark 1:29-45Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-29-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusSpread the News, the Kingdom of God is Taking Over! - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 4)Mark 1:21-28Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-22-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusThe Importance of Caller ID! - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 3)Mark 1:14-20Carl CasselAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-15-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusBehold the God-Man - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 2)Mark 1:9-13Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-08-2011Mark: The Life and Ministry of JesusPreparing for His Arrival! - Mark: The Life and Ministry of Jesus (Part 1)Mark 1:1-8Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-01-2011Stand-AloneThe Feet Factor in FellowshipJohn 13:1-17Dan AllenAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-24-2011Facing JerusalemThe Coronation of the King - Facing Jerusalem (Part 3) Philippians 2:6-11Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-22-2011Facing JerusalemThe Crucifixion of the King - Facing Jerusalem (Part 2) Isaiah 53Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-17-2011Facing JerusalemThe Coming of the King - Facing Jerusalem (Part 1)John 12:12-19Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-10-2011Letters From John5 Things Every Christian Should Know! - Letters From John (Part 12)1 John 5:13-21Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-03-2011Letters From JohnJesus on Trial! - Letters From John (Part 11)1 John 5:6-12Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-27-2011Letters From JohnThe One Who Overcomes! - Letters From John (Part 10) 1 John 5:1-5Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-20-2011MissionsMissions Emphasis 2011 - Week 2Fodale, Hanna, Johnson, CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-13-2011MissionsMissions Emphasis 2011 - Week 1Ruth Meier, Larry & Michelle DaviesAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-06-2011Letters From JohnWritten So That You Know What Love Is! - Letters From John (Part 9) 1 John 4:7-21Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-27-2011Letters From JohnWritten So That You Know Who To Believe - Letters From John (Part 8) 1 John 4:1-6Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-20-2011Stand-AloneHow to Still the SoulPsalm 131Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-13-2011Letters From JohnWritten So You Might Know True Love - Letters From John (Part 7)1 John 3:11-24Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-06-2011Letters From JohnChild of God...Now? - Letters From John (Part 6)1 John 2:28-3:10Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-30-2011Letters From JohnWritten So That You Treasure Christ and His Truth! - Letters From John (Part 5)1 John 2:15-17Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-23-2011Letters From JohnWritten So That You May Shine - Letters From John (Part 4)1 John 2:7-14Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-16-2011Letters From JohnRighteous... Me? - Letters From John (Part 3)1 John 2:1-6Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-09-2011Letters From JohnWalk Exposed to Light - Letters From John (Part 2)1 John 1:5-10Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-02-2011Letters From JohnThe Real Thing - Letters From John (Part 1)1 John 1:1-4Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-26-2010God's Indescribable GiftFrom Ground to Glory - God's Indescribable Gift (Part 4)Revelation 21:3Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-24-2010God's Indescribable GiftDo Not Be Afraid - God's Indescribable Gift (Part 3)Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-19-2010God's Indescribable GiftThe Fall of Christmas - God's Indescribable Gift (Part 2)Genesis 3Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-12-2010God's Indescribable GiftBehold Your Creator - God's Indescribable Gift (Part 1)Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-05-2010God's Redeeming LoveRepent is Not a Four Letter Word - God's Redeeming Love (Part 13)Hosea 14Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-28-2010God's Redeeming LoveWho Will You Kiss? - God's Redeeming Love (Part 12)Hosea 13:1-16Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-21-2010God's Redeeming LoveRemember Me? - God's Redeeming Love (Part 11)Hosea 12:2-14Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-14-2010God's Redeeming LoveThe Heart of a Father - God's Redeeming Love (Part 10)Hosea 11:1-12:1Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-07-2010God's Redeeming LoveThe Madness of Sin: Part 2 - God's Redeeming Love (Part 9)Hosea 9:1-10:15Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-31-2010God's Redeeming LoveThe Madness of Sin - God's Redeeming Love (Part 8)Hosea 8:1-14Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-24-2010God's Redeeming LoveIt Can't Happen Here! - God's Redeeming Love (Part 7)Hosea 6:1-7:16Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-17-2010God's Redeeming LoveIt's Not You... It's Me! - God's Redeeming Love (Part 6)Hosea 5Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-10-2010God's Redeeming LoveThe Secret of the Easy Yoke - God's Redeeming Love (Part 5)Hosea 4:1-19Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-03-2010God's Redeeming LoveLove on Display - God's Redeeming Love (Part 4)Hosea 3:1-5Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-08-2010I Will Build My ChurchKey 7: Discipline: The Loving Pursuit of Glory - I Will Build My Church (Part 8)(Matthew 18:10-20)Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-01-2010I Will Build My ChurchKey 6: Membership - I Will Build My Church (Part 7)Acts 2:41-47Mike CapaldiAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-25-2010I Will Build My ChurchKey 5: Conversion - I Will Build My Church (Part 6)Ephesisans 2:1-10Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-18-2010I Will Build My ChurchKey 4: No Fear in Love - I Will Build My Church (Part 5)Matthew 10:26-29Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-11-2010I Will Build My ChurchKey 3: Understand the Good News - I Will Build My Church (Part 4)1 Corinthians 15:1-4Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-04-2010I Will Build My ChurchKey 2: Who Needs Theology? - I Will Build My Church (Part 3)Proverbs 9Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-27-2010I Will Build My ChurchKey 1: Expositional Preaching - I Will Build My Church (Part 2)2 Timothy 3:16-4:5Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-20-2010I Will Build My Church10 Essential Keys to the Kingdom - I Will Build My Church (Part 1)Matthew 16:13-19Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-13-2010The Heart of an ApostleLove, Power, and Grace in the Heart of an Apostle - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 21)2 Corinthians 13Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-06-2010The Heart of an ApostleLove at the Core - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 20)2 Corinthians 12:11-21Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-30-2010The Heart of an ApostlePaul's Last Humble Boast - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 19)2 Corinthians 12:1-10Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-23-2010The Heart of an ApostleBoasting In Weakness - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 18)2 Corinthians 11:16-33Mike CapaldiAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-16-2010The Heart of an ApostleA Pure Bride - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 17)2 Corinthians 11:1-15Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-09-2010 The Heart of an ApostleThe Apostle's Defense - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 16)2 Corinthians 10:1-18Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-02-2010 The Heart of an ApostleGospel Driven Generosity - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 15) 2 Corinthians 9:1-15Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-25-2010The Heart of an ApostleUnknown Men of Integrity - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 14)2 Corinthians 8:16-24Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-18-2010The Heart of an ApostleGrowing in Generosity - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 13)2 Corinthians 8:1-15Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-11-2010The Heart of an ApostleGodly Sorrow vs. Worldly Sorrow - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 12)2 Corinthians 7:2-16Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-04-2010EasterEaster PeaceRomans 4:20-5:2Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-02-2010Good FridayThe Magnitude of This DayJason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-28-2010The Heart of an ApostleHoliness, The Lost Art - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 11)2 Corinthians 6:14 - 7:1Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-21-2010MissionsMissions ChallengeDick AlbrightAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-14-2010MissionsMissions: Russian Christian RadioMark IrwinAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-07-2010The Heart of An ApostleDid I Receive God's Grace in Vain? - The Heart of An Apostle (Part 10)2 Corinthians 6:1-13Dick AlbrightAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-28-2010The Heart of An ApostleAll From God - The Heart of An Apostle (Part 9)2 Corinthians 5:11-21Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-21-2010The Heart of an ApostleStrengthening our Spiritual Eyes - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 8) 2 Corinthians 5:1-10Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-14-2010The Heart of an ApostleCalled to be Clay - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 7)2 Corinthians 4:7-18Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-07-2010The Heart of an ApostleOvercoming Ministry Discouragement - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 6)2 Corinthians 4:1-6Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-31-2010The Heart of an ApostleThe Unfading Glory of the New Covenant - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 5) 2 Corinthians 3:1-18Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-24-2010The Heart of an ApostleFinding Hope and Purpose in Discipleship - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 4)2 Corinthians 2:12-17Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-17-2010The Heart of an ApostleLiving A Redemptive Lifestyle - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 3) 2 Corinthians 2:5-11Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-10-2010The Heart of an ApostlePaul Defends His Character and Love - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 2)2 Corinthians 1:12-2:4Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-03-2010The Heart of an ApostleComforting Grace: Finding Value in Trials - The Heart of an Apostle (Part 1)2 Corinthians 1:1-11Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-27-2009ChristmasThe Ghost of Christmas FutureGenesis 4:1-16Dan AllenAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-24-2009Christmas EveNo Place Like Hope for the Holidays1 Peter 1:3-5Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-20-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureFinal Matters - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 25)1 Corinthians 16:1-23Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-13-2009Stand-AloneA Long Line of SinnersMatthew 1:21Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-06-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureHeavenly Answers to Worldly Questions - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 24)1 Corinthians 15:35-38Mike CapaldiAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-29-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureChrist's Resurrection and the Resurrection of Believers - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 23)1 Corinthians 15:12-34Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-22-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureRemember the Gospel - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 22)1 Corinthians 15:1-11Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-15-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureReestablishing Biblical Worship - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 21)1 Corinthians 14:26-40Richard RuthAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-08-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureTools for Building the Church - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 20)1 Corinthians 14:1-25Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-01-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureFollow The Way of Love - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 19)1 Corinthians 13:1-13Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-25-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureSpiritual Superiority - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 18) 1 Corinthians 12:1-31Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-18-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureSocial Snobbery at the Lord's Table - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 17)1 Corinthians 11:17-33Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-11-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureHead Coverings and Worship - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 16)1 Corinthians 11:2-16Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-04-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureMy Good vs. Your Good - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 15)1 Corinthians 10:23-11:1Dick AlbrightAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-27-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureWhere Your Treasure Is... - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 14)1 Corinthians 10:1-22Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-20-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureUsing Our Freedom for the Benefit of Others - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 13)1 Corinthians 9:1-27Carl CasselAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-13-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureMatters of Conscience - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 12)1 Corinthians 8:1-13Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-06-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureDon't Waste Your Singleness - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 11)1 Corinthians 7:25-40Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-30-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureLive as You Are Called - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 10)1 Corinthians 7:7-24Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-23-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureMarriage, Celibacy, and Divorce - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 9)1 Corinthians 7:1-16Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-16-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureHow Dare You Make Excuses for Sin - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 8)1 Corinthians 6:12-20Dick AlbrightAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-09-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureHow Dare You! - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 7)1 Corinthians 6:1-11Dick AlbrightAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-02-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureThe Apostle Paul...Intolerant? - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 6)1 Corinthians 5:1-13Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-26-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureLet Us Not Forget - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 5)1 Corinthians 4Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-19-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureWhere's the Beef? - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 4)1 Corinthians 3:1-23Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-12-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureTwo Kinds of Wisdom - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 3)1 Corinthians 2:6-16Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-05-2009Stand-AloneThe Case for KinshipActs 2:42-47Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-28-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureChurch Purity in a Polluted Culture - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 2)1 Corinthians 1:18-25Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-21-2009Church Purity in a Polluted CultureChurch Purity in a Polluted Culture - Church Purity in a Polluted Culture (Part 1)1 Corinthians 1:1-17Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-14-2009Renewed by God's SovereigntySchooled in the Fear of the Lord - Renewed by God's Sovereignty (Part 6)Habakkuk 3:15-19Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-07-2009Renewed By God's SovereigntySchooled in the Fear of the Lord - Renewed By God's Sovereignty (Part 5)Habakkuk 3:1-15Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-31-2009Renewed By God's SovereigntyWaiting for the King - Renewed By God's Sovereignty (Part 4)Habakkuk 2:2-20Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-24-2009Renewed By God's SovereigntyOur Rock and our Redeemer - Renewed By God's Sovereignty (Part 3)Habakkuk 1:12-2:1Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-17-2009Renewed By God's SovereigntyGod's Sovereign Hand in Evil - Renewed by God's Sovereignty (Part 2)Habakkuk 1:5-11Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-10-2009Renewed by God's SovereigntyGod's Sovereignty in Iniquity - Renewed by God's Sovereignty (Part 1)Habakkuk 1:1-4Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-03-2009Stand-AlonePrayer...America's HopePsalm 33:22Mike CapaldiAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-26-2009Stand-AloneIn My Right MindPhilippians 2:1-11Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-19-2009Stand-AloneNow What?2 Peter 3:1-14Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-12-2009EasterThe Great Exchange: Cup for Cup1 Peter 1:3-4Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-10-2009Good FridayThe Cup We DeservedMatthew 26:36-46Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-05-2009Stand-AloneOur Worship - True or FalseMatthew 21:1-7Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-29-2009Stand-AloneSee No Beauty, Hear No Beauty?Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-22-2009MissionsGod's Heart for the NationsDavid LoveAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-15-2009MissionsIt's All About His GloryIsaiah 6:1-8Francisco DeSouzaAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-08-2009Stand-AloneGod's Word: Equipping Me for Godliness2 Timothy 3:1-17Dick AlbrightAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-01-2009Stand-AloneGod is Faithful Through All of LifeHebrews 11:8-19Dan AllenAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-22-2009Stand-AloneSpiritual Fitness for the Kingdom1 Corinthians 9:24-27Dan AllenAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-15-2009Stand-AloneFamily Discipleship: WisdomProverbs 3Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-08-2009Stand-AloneFamily Discipleship: ScriptureDeuteronomy 6Mark CultonAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-01-2009Counseling is DiscipleshipAddressing the Ministry Gap - Counseling is Discipleship (Part 2)Colossians 3:16Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-25-2009Counseling is DiscipleshipAddressing the Gospel Gap - Counseling is Discipleship (Part 1)Colossians 3:16Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-18-2009Stand-AloneDiscipleship - The CostLuke 14:25-35Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-11-2009Stand-AloneDiscipleship - The CommandMatthew 28:18-20Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-04-2009Stand-AloneGod Wants Us to Learn1 Corinthians 10:1-10Bill HardingAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-28-2008Stand-AloneThe Reluctant MissionaryDick AlbrightAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-21-2008ChristmasBut When the Time Had Fully Come...Galatians 4:4-7Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-14-2008ChristmasWhat Child Is This?John 1:1-18Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-07-2008ChristmasThe Ghost of Christmas PastLuke 2:1-7, Matthew 2:1-8Dan AllenAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-30-2008Stand-AloneThe Importance of UnityPhilippiansDick AlbrightAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-26-2008Thanksgiving EveA Better ThanksgivingJohn 4:1-42Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-23-2008What Jesus Means to MeGiving Thanks for the Blessings in Christ - What Jesus Means to Me (Part 4)Ephesians 1Mike CapaldiAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-16-2008What Jesus Means to MeChrist is My Courage - What Jesus Means to Me (Part 3)Matthew 10:28Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-09-2008What Jesus Means to MeJesus Christ, My Sufficiency - What Jesus Means to Me (Part 2)Philippians 3:1-14Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-02-2008What Jesus Means to MeThe Lord's Grace to Me - What Jesus Means to Me (Part 1)1 Timothy 1:12-17)Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-26-2008Stand-AloneI Thank My GodPhilippians 1:3-11Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-19-2008It's Your ServeService with a Smile - It's Your Serve (Part 4)Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-12-2008It's Your ServeThe Pitfalls of Servanthood - It's Your Serve (Part 3)Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-05-2008It's Your ServeThe Attitude of a Servant - It's Your Serve (Part 2)Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-28-2008It's Your ServeMe, A Servant? - It's Your Serve (Part 1)Ephesians 6:7-8Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-21-2008Stand-AlonePast, Present and ??Zechariah 3David RiddellAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-14-2008Stand-AloneThe Ministry of Reconciliation2 Corinthians 5:17-20Rich VielAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-07-2008Stand-AloneTo God Be the GloryPhilippians 4:20Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-31-2008Summer in the PsalmsA Fearful Approach - Summer in the Psalms (Part 9)Psalm 34Dick BickingsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-24-2008Summer in the PsalmsUncertain But Not Unclear - Summer in the Psalms (Part 8)Psalm 84Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-17-2008Summer in the PsalmsFrom the Depths to the Heights - Summer in the Psalms (Part 7)Psalm 130Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-10-2008Summer in the PsalmsFace Down Before God - Summer in the Psalms (Part 6)Psalm 51Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-03-2008Summer in the PsalmsA Familiar Feeling, Part 2 - Summer in the Psalms (Part 5)Psalm 88Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-27-2008Summer in the PsalmsA Familiar Feeling, Part 1: A Man of Sorrows - Summer in the Psalms (Part 4)Psalm 88Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-21-2008Summer in the PsalmsPraising A Personal God - Summer in the Psalms (Part 3)Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-13-2008Summer in the PsalmsThe Frustrated Man: Living When You're Outnumbered - Summer in the Psalms (Part 2)Psalm 4Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-06-2008Summer in the PsalmsThe Blessed Life - Summer in the Psalms (Part 1)Psalm 1Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-29-2008Stand-AlonePlaying for the New Covenant TeamEzekiel 36:20-27Shad GilbertAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-22-2008Stand-AloneThe Power and the Glory and the VisionEphesians 3:20-21Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-15-2008Choose Wisely: A Study in ProverbsGodly Discipline - Choose Wisely: A Study in Proverbs (Part 11)Proverbs 3:11-12Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-08-2008Choose Wisely: A Study in ProverbsCancers of the Soul: Envy - Choose Wisely: A Study in Proverbs (Part 10)Proverbs 14:30Rob FieldsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-01-2008Choose Wisely: A Study in ProverbsCancers of the Soul: Anger - Choose Wisely: A Study in Proverbs (Part 9)Proverbs 29:22Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-25-2008Choose Wisely: A Study in ProverbsCancers of the Soul: Heartache - Choose Wisely: A Study in Proverbs (Part 8)Proverbs 15:13Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-18-2008Choose Wisely: A Study in ProverbsChoose Humility - Choose Wisely: A Study in Proverbs (Part 7)Proverbs 14:30Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-11-2008Choose Wisely: A Study in ProverbsIn God We Trust - Choose Wisely: A Study in Proverbs (Part 6)Proverbs 3:5-6Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-04-2008Choose Wisely: A Study in ProverbsChoosing A Good Name - Choose Wisely: A Study in Proverbs (Part 5)Proverbs 3:3-4Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-27-2008Stand-AloneWhen God CallsIsaiah 6:1-8Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-20-2008Choose Wisely: A Study in ProverbsThe Tongue Has the Power of Life & Death - Choose Wisely: A Study in Proverbs (Part 4)Proverbs 18:21Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-13-2008Choose Wisely: A Study in ProverbsChoose to Protect Your Heart, Part 2 - Choose Wisely: A Study in Proverbs (Part 3)Proverbs 4:23Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-06-2008Choose Wisely: A Study in ProverbsChoose to Protect Your Heart - Choose Wisely: A Study in Proverbs (Part 2)Proverbs 4:23Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-30-2008Choose Wisely: A Study in ProverbsChoose Healthy Relationships - Choose Wisely: A Study in Proverbs (Part 1)Proverbs 13:20Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-23-2008Stand-AloneFor I Know That My Redeemer LivesJob 19:25-27Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-09-2008MissionsMissions FocusMark 1Scott OttAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-02-2008Healthy FearThe Disease to Please - Healthy Fear (Part 3)Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-24-2008Healthy FearThe Life God Blesses - Healthy Fear (Part 2)Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-17-2008Healthy FearShould We Love God or Fear Him? - Healthy Fear (Part 1)Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-10-2008Stand-AloneTwo Opposing Love LanguagesGalatians 5:16-26Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-03-2008PinebrookHope for the Home Genesis 2:18-25Dan AllenAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-27-2008Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be DoneA Great Church Is On a Mission From God - Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done (Part 4)Matthew 18:28-30Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-20-2008Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be DoneA Great Church is Mobilized for Ministry - Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done (Part 3)Matthew 18:28-30Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-13-2008Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be DoneGreat Churches Are Gifted Churches - Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done (Part 2)Romans 12:3-8Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-06-2008Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be DoneGreat Churches Have Great Members - Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done (Part 1)Ephesians 4:24Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-30-2007Stand-AloneA Winning Strategy for 2008!Hebrews 12:1-3Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-23-2007Living Beyond YourselfChristmas Words - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 38)Ephesians 6:23-24Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-09-2007Living Beyond YourselfSeven Distinguishing Marks of a Christian - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 37)Ephesians 6:21-24Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
12-02-2007Living Beyond YourselfPrayer: Our Secret Weapon - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 36)Ephesians 6:18-20Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-25-2007Living Beyond YourselfTake the Sword - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 35)Ephesians 6:17Keith StrunkAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-18-2007Living Beyond YourselfThe Helmet of Salvation - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 34)Ephesians 6:17Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-11-2007Living Beyond YourselfThe Shield of Faith - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 33)Ephesians 6:16Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
11-04-2007Living Beyond YourselfWar and Peace - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 32)Ephesians 6:15Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-28-2007Living Beyond YourselfTruth & Righteousness- Living Beyond Yourself (Part 31)Ephesians 6:14Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-21-2007Living Beyond YourselfThis Means War - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 30)Ephesians 6:10-13Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-14-2007Living Beyond Yourself9 to 5 Christianity - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 29)Ephesians 6:5-9Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
10-07-2007Living Beyond YourselfA Very Functional Family - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 28)Ephesians 6:1-4Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-30-2007Living Beyond YourselfHusbands Empowered for Affection - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 27)Ephesians 5:25-32Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-23-2007Living Beyond YourselfWives Empowered for Respect - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 26)Ephesians 5:21-24Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-16-2007Living Beyond YourselfHow to Fight for Joy - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 25)Ephesians 5:19-20Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-09-2007Living Beyond YourselfWorship in Music and Thanks - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 24)Ephesians 5:19-20Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
09-02-2007Living Beyond YourselfImitating God - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 23)Ephesians 5:1-14Shad GilbertAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-26-2007Living Beyond YourselfDon't Waste Your Life - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 22)Ephesians 5:15-18Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-19-2007Living Beyond YourselfBitterness verses Compassion - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 21)Ephesians 4:31-32Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-12-2007Living Beyond YourselfIs Your Speech Rotten or Fruitful? - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 20)Ephesians 4:29-30Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
08-05-2007Living Beyond YourselfBeing Good and Angry - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 19)Ephesians 4:25-27Paul David TrippAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-29-2007Living Beyond YourselfFrom Stealing to Sharing - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 18)Ephesians 4:28Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-22-2007Living Beyond YourselfPut Off Lies / Put On Truth - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 17)Ephesians 4:24Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-15-2007Living Beyond YourselfThe Way We Should Live: The Reasons Why - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 16)Ephesians 4:20-24Rob FieldsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-08-2007Living Beyond YourselfSome Assembly Required - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 15)Ephesians 4:17-19John QuigleyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
07-01-2007Living Beyond YourselfGrace Gifted for Maturity - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 14)Ephesians 4:7-16Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-24-2007Living Beyond YourselfLiving as a Child of God - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 13)Ephesians 4:1-6Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-17-2007Living Beyond YourselfFar More Than You Know - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 12)Ephesians 3:14-21Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-10-2007Living Beyond YourselfThe Man and His Mystery - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 11)Ephesians 3:1-13Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
06-03-2007Living Beyond YourselfPeace - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 10)Ephesians 2:14-22Rich VielAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-27-2007Living Beyond YourselfWhen We Didn't Have a Prayer - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 9)Ephesians 2:11-13Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-20-2007Living Beyond YourselfSaved for a Purpose - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 8)Ephesians 2:10Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-13-2007Living Beyond YourselfBad News/Good News - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 7)Ephesians 2:1-9Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
05-06-2007Living Beyond YourselfPower-full Living - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 6)Ephesians 1:19-23Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-29-2007Living Beyond YourselfMoving From Intellectual Assent to Heartfelt Passion - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 5)Ephesians 1:15-19Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-22-2007Living Beyond YourselfChosen for Glory - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 4)Ephesians 1:4-12Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-08-2007Living Beyond YourselfEaster Blessings - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 2)Ephesians 1:3Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-06-2007Good FridayGood FridayBrian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-01-2007Living Beyond YourselfEmpowered Living - Living Beyond Yourself (Part 1)Ephesians 1:1-2Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-25-2007Stand-AloneWho Is Your Counselor?Psalm 119:24Jason HoyAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-11-2007MissionsThe Appeal of PowerMark 2:13-17Steve WiltAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
03-04-2007The Church UnleashedRome at Last! - The Church Unleashed (Part 41)Acts 28:11-31Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-18-2007The Church UnleashedThe Long Dark Road... continued - The Church Unleashed (Part 29)Acts 25 & 26Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-11-2007Stand-AloneA Legacy That Lasts1 Kings 19:19-21Rob FieldsAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
02-04-2007The Church UnleashedPaul's Long Dark Road - The Church Unleashed (Part 38)Acts 22:30-23:35Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-28-2007The Church UnleashedA Ready Defense - The Church Unleashed (Part 37)Acts 21:7-22:29Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-21-2007The Church UnleashedA Christian Within the Culture - The Church Unleashed (Part 36)Acts 21:1-26AUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-14-2007The Church UnleashedThe Heart of the Leader - The Church Unleashed (Part 35)Acts 20:13-37Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
01-07-2007The Church UnleashedThe Power of Encouragement - The Church Unleashed (Part 34)Acts 20:1-12Brian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES
04-02-2006The Church UnleashedWhat Happens Now? - The Church Unleashed (Part 2)ActsBrian CooperAUDIOVIDEONOTESSLIDES