Why Should I Bother with Adult Electives?

In a time when we are all busy and rushing around, why should we add one more thing like Adult Electives to our plate? Sundays are full enough. Why do we need another thing to attend? Here are some reasons:

  1. To help you know Scripture:
    During the elective hour, we have the opportunity to go deeper and learn about additional books of the Bible that we might avoid or push off as difficult.
  2. A place to ask ALL questions:
    We usually don’t have an opportunity to ask questions during the sermon, but during the elective is a safe place to ask all kinds of questions and learn.
  3. To build relationships:
    Through our time together, interactions, and sharing, we learn and grow together.
  4. To grow:
    As we learn God’s Word and work to apply its truth, we grow in maturity, so come and see why so many spend the time with the Adult of Electives!


Class Numbering System:

100 series—These classes emphasize the fundamentals in the Christian Faith and are geared to help new believers grasp the truths in an easy to understand way. Examples: Committed Disciples Series.

200 series—These classes are focused on assisting the believer toward maturity. Examples: Surveys and family topics.

300 series—These classes aid the believer by equipping them for ministry. Topics and studies to assist in growing and serving in all areas of life are provided. Examples: Book studies, study of God.

400 series—These classes are for training the believer for missions, outreach to the world and ministry. Examples: World Religions, Church Planting.

Plan on joining us for one of these and find how much fun learning can be!!